It begins around 18-30 months and typically ends around 3. This is a time when our young ones are growing rapidly intellectually and physically. They're starting to understand our world.

"Not all kids are the same. We shouldn't try to expect them to all develop the same way or at the same time. We shouldn't put so much pressure on ourselves to be the perfect parent."
Many babies and young children suck their thumbs, it’s a reflex that begins even in the womb. Thankfully, most children eventually outgrow the habit - but for some, it lingers, and it can cause problems over time.
"I could not wait for you to be born, but when you were born, I could not wait for you to crawl. Then I looked ahead in haste for when you would walk, talk, and be more independent."
No matter how many children you have, or how big or small their age differences are, having a new baby always presents a major adjustment phase for your family.
Many benefits come with breastfeeding, but it's not going to determine what happens to your child's cognitive development in the long-term.
The pandemic doesn’t have to mean a halt to your child’s learning - there are many great ways you can encourage your child to have meaningful, educational experiences without the use of a screen.
What are the most important skills that our child must learn? Teaching about gratitude also helps in providing a solid foundation of manners. It also practiced to lower symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Young Children learn best through hands-on exploration. They learn best through play. So how can you provide purposeful play experiences for your child? 

If you’re ready to stock up on some supplies to get your baby’s creative juices flowing, resist the urge for coloring books and printable coloring pages.
As parents, this is a rewarding time watching your child learn and grow. You may be wondering what exactly is going on in that little brain, and what you can do to support your child’s development. 
Don’t be afraid to let your child get dirty and experience the benefits of mud play. With winter approaching here in the US, there are going to be lots of muddy puddles calling our names, and I encourage you to accept their invitation! 
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