Creating Zen with Young Children

Creating Zen with Young Children

Do you ever feel like you need to change the energy in your home? Let's paint a picture: your toddler's toys are dumped out everywhere, he is jumping on the couch, and you are exhausted while still nursing your first cup of cold coffee. You haven’t showered since….well, you haven’t showered in a while and you aren’t sure when you last brushed your hair. Sounds like the perfect time for some zen. Parents, take a deep breath. Now, take one more.

Here are some strategies for practicing mindfulness and creating peace with your young children.

    • Make tea together. Herbal tea is a great way to set the mood. Discuss the smell, taste, warmth. Even the steeping process can be a learning experience for your babe. Make this a ritual if you like!
    • Play zen music. Stations on Pandora and Spotify like "yoga" or "relaxation" work great. Background music is so influential on the vibe of an environment, especially for children. Save the Snoop Dogg for when you are ready to tackle the mess!
    • Stack rocks! Rock stacking is widely practiced as a form of meditation. No rocks, no problem. Try this same idea with blocks!
    • Practice Yoga. Nothing says zen-like a little namaste action. Read more about how yoga changed my family's day here: Family Yoga
    • Breathe. Deep breathing exercises, even two minutes of this practice can work wonders on your mood. And your toddler's too!
    • Diffuse essential oils. Calm senses = calm moods. Try lavender or chamomile for maximum peace. 
    • Read a book together. A great book for creating some zen is, "I am Peace" by Susan Verde. It's an easy read with do-as-you-go exercises and the illustrations are beautiful.
    • Get outside. Lay out a blanket under a tree and look up. Notice the leaves, clouds, birds. Have conversations about the magic of nature. Connecting to nature is important for many reasons, and its an easy way for everyone to relax.
    • Have some self-care time together. Maybe rub each other’s feet or brush each other’s hair. Our Baby Brush and Comb set are great for this activity!
  • Bring out the play-dough. A calming sensory experience can quickly change everyone’s mood and focus. You don’t need a lot of fancy play-dough tools either, throw in some sticks and rocks, or dry pasta. No play-dough, no problem! Try this easy Play-dough Recipe for making it yourself.
  • Paint. I love to keep easy watercolors sets handy, even when we are traveling. They are so easy to grab and store, and they never fail to interest my children. Because watercolor painting requires calm body movements, the mood will follow. Try adding some classical music as background noise and double up on the zen vibes. Or even better, take the watercolors outside and paint under a tree! 

  • You will be surprised how quickly you can shift the energy in your home. Not only are these great strategies for in the moment, but they are lifelong skills you can model for your children as ways to reduce stress and be present. And a big bonus--during these peaceful times, you will be able to fully appreciate the joy of parenting your precious children.

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    Parenting is awesome. Sleep is overrated. Every day is an adventure. 

    Meet Our KeaMommy Contributor: Amanda

    Amanda Dixon is a mother of three young children and has her master’s degree in early childhood education. She spends her days homeschooling her kiddos, freelance writing and teaching college. Her favorite things are a good cuppa tea, chocolate chip cookies, books, and her 3 dachshunds.


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    • Sep 17, 2020
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