Natural Baby Essential: KeaBabies Luxurious Hairbrush Set Your Must Have Hairbrush & Comb Set! Having a new baby...

Baby Hair Brush

    Natural Baby Essential: KeaBabies Luxurious Hairbrush Your Must Have Newborn Hairbrush! Having a new baby sparks the greatest...
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    Bond with your little one with the best baby hairbrush and comb set

    Physical contact is one of the best ways to bond with your baby, and has a powerful effect on your baby's mental, emotional and physical development. Your little one loves to be touched soothingly and lovingly, and our KeaBabies Hairbrush and Comb is the perfect tool for you to create special moments with your baby....

    Made from premium grade goat bristles that are silky and luxuriously soft, our KeaBabies Baby Hairbrush and Comb are perfect for your newborn's delicate scalp. Perfect for use after a warm bath, give your baby a nice relaxing brush down before bedtime, and sing a lullaby or tell a story.
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