Baby shoes are oh-so-cute, but are they actually beneficial to your baby’s development? Read on to find out more about how shoes may negatively impact your child’s foot development - and what you can do instead!

Life has changed for everyone, and distance learning has forced children to spend more time than ever in front of computer screens. How can parents protect their children from the negative effects of too much screen time, and how does this play out for babies and toddlers?

You will be surprised how quickly you can shift the energy in your home. Not only are these great strategies for in the moment, but they are lifelong skills you can model for your children as ways to reduce stress and be present. 
Did you know that between the ages of 0-3, your baby's brain is developing more than a million neural connections each second? This period of time is the most rapid time of brain development in a person's whole life.

Does your child have a set of magnetic tiles? They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and are the perfect addition to any family’s toy rotation! Read on for some great activity ideas for different age groups! 

Are you missing those summer beach adventures? Buy or make some kinetic sand, and try out these simple ideas from KeaBabies for some summertime fun with your family, right in the comfort of your home! 

As your baby reaches all the exciting milestones of the first year, you might wonder when he’ll take those miraculous first steps. Read on to find out just how your baby will develop this life changing skill!

Black Lives Matter. Here at KeaBabies, we stand with the black community during these troubling times. Read on to find out ways to discuss the topic of race with your little ones.

It can be hard for little ones to manage their feelings, especially during troublesome, chaotic times filled with changing routines. Read on to find out more about how you can help your little one cope with the changing world around them!

Bubbles are one of the simplest yet most popular activities for babies and toddlers. They are portable, colorful, and tons of fun! But did you know that playing with bubbles can unlock a multitude of skills for your little one? Read on to find out more!

Is your baby curious about numbers? A recent study shows that babies and toddlers may understand much more than we originally thought!
Here are some ideas parents can do to make their child’s first day of school a very special one.
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