My 4th Trimester
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My 4th Trimester

The 4th trimester is essentially the first three months after birth. It's a time for newborns to adjust to the whole wide world, or just a slice of it anyway.

Way before the 4th trimester, I explored what life would have been like had I decided to not have a child. It was a fear of mine to think out the possibility, but after engaging in the thought, I realized I would choose this life without hesitation.

I spoke in-depth about my pregnancy and how it led to an amazing birth experience. But what about the 4th trimester?

What is the 4th Trimester?

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When most animals are born, they are able to figure out how to take care of themselves in a matter of a day or so. With humans? Not so much. It can take years in fact before a newborn human figures out how to walk while a giraffe just needs a day.

To keep it simple, it’s a matter of brain size. Literature suggests humans are born too early, but if we stay in the womb longer, a mother’s birth canal wouldn’t be able to handle the delivery. The 4th trimester is essentially the first three months after birth. It's a time for newborns to adjust to the whole wide world, or just a slice of it anyway.

My 4th Trimester

The first week after giving birth was incredible. It was as if I had entered a new, beautiful world where I was in charge of the most incredible little boy. Granted the lower regions of my body felt like it had been run over by a semi-truck, but everything else felt great.


My hubby had the week off and his meals were delectable. My son slept most of the night and day, so I was able to just marvel at his littleness. I didn't suffer any tears during my vaginal birth, so all I had to deal with was my body getting used to not being pregnant anymore. It was uncomfortable for a week or two, but being able to stay mostly on bed rest for the first month didn't hurt.

After a month, it became clear I would need to assume some of my normal duties. I had to try to find balance in this new role. My attention was now split with another with many needs I wasn't used to giving another person. I can't say I figured it all out in that 4th trimester, but with just us three, I did what I could.

I was excited the first day I took our son out and about. A month of not leaving home was a challenge. Once I left, I couldn't help but want to go back a few times a week. I was usually not one to be bothered by having to stay at home most of the time, but I couldn't help but want to.

I wanted to honor that though I was a mother now, I still enjoyed getting out of the house. My son and I spent more time at the beach than at home. Eventually, right as the 4th trimester began to end, it felt right to start living in a van. We all took transformations.


I was fortunate to be able to have a good 4th trimester despite it being us three, but mostly my son and I because of the hours my partner had to work. I'm glad I had time to heal. Best of all, I loved that my son and I had so much time together to bond.


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