My Pregnancy Story
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My Pregnancy Story

I've shared many stories over the last few months about my life as a parent, but I didn't cover the journey of my pregnancy. This article is dedicated to those 41 weeks.

I've shared many stories over the last few months about my life as a parent, but I didn't cover the journey of my pregnancy. This article is dedicated to those 41 weeks.

First Trimester


Like many people, it didn't feel like I was pregnant for the first few weeks, but I eventually experienced my first symptoms. I started first to feel (and look) bloated, but it was the beginning of showing.

I then experienced morning sickness for an uncomfortable 2 or so weeks where my food cravings and aversions switched every few days. I began to hate in an animalistic way certain smells and foods. Then my body started rejecting specific foods and quantities. There was an entire week where I just ate fruits and salads because anything cooked was disgusting.

I wasn't worried about having a miscarriage. My pregnancy felt too real (aka morning sickness) for it to be an option. Still, I waited after the first trimester to hire a midwife, tell family and friends, and carry out other "I'm now pregnant" plans.

Second Trimester


I enjoyed this period of my pregnancy the most. I showed enough that people noticed, and I was always rubbing my stomach as if to announce it anyway. I didn't experience any aches, pains, or other ailments, so it was smooth sailing for the most part.

I was vegan at the time and had a handful of moments where I wanted to eat chicken and shrimp. I felt immense guilt and tried not to listen to my body, but the desire immediately went away whenever I gave in and accepted that maybe I desired it for a reason. All in all, I was able to eat a very balanced plant-based diet with no lacking issues in my urine samples except that I always needed to make sure I drink more water (my life struggle, to be honest!).

I kept active with walking and yoga. I found my new flexibility to be fun! Telling people I was pregnant was entertaining because I'm quite silly, so I made it a joke to just about everyone I told. I found making a baby registry to be quite stressful because we practiced minimalism. It was tough to find the spot between things I thought I'd need having never experienced motherhood and things I knew I could do without.

It was also challenging to stay at home because I felt like I wasn't doing enough or contributing financially, so that's why I started blogging as an outlet. I found much solace in having a midwife as well. She assisted me with breaking down myths and fears to truly connect with my conception experience.

Third Trimester

pregnant woman silhouette

For the most part, my final trimester was great as well. I pushed through the stress of a baby registry with a month to spare. During the last month, I peed 100 billion times daily and developed sciatica, the most uncomfortable part of my entire experience. I didn't get stretch marks until the very end as well, but before they appeared, I thought I was about to get away with it!

I then began worrying I wouldn't produce enough breast milk and about having a successful birth. After everything, I just wanted my child to be healthy. I briefly wondered if I was crazy for doing a home birth and questioned if I would be able to handle the pain with no assistance. My desire to commit to the natural ways of birth was stronger than my fears. My partner and midwife were the columns of strength during this moment and all others when doubt slithered in. I could and would do this!


I had a beautiful baby boy, and his birth is definitely a story for another article...


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Nadia Rumbolt is a mom of many trades, including creative writing, blogging, van life, minimalism, veganism, the beach, nature, and the occult.

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