As the weather warms up and the school year comes to a close over the next several months, it’s time for children to leave the screens behind and engage in some outdoor fun!
It has been a tough year for children who have been sheltered at home due to the pandemic. As the weather warms up and COVID numbers decline, now might be a good time to begin safely socializing with friends again!
"Enjoy the small victories and treasure the little delights, they help you persevere through the hard times."
It’s springtime, and the weather is finally warming up, making it the perfect time to create an amazing backyard setup for your little ones.
"Appreciate every minute with your Little One! They are only small for so long and constantly changing!"
"I could not wait for you to be born, but when you were born, I could not wait for you to crawl. Then I looked ahead in haste for when you would walk, talk, and be more independent."
Good Friday reminds us all of the importance of forgiveness. Let’s take this time to practice forgiveness in our families, with our children, and with ourselves.

From Easter egg hunts, to visits to the Easter bunny, to big family dinners, it can be easy for your little ones to get overloaded with sugary treats - but there are plenty of other great ways to celebrate without candy! 

The celebration’s emphasis is placed on Christ's resurrection, which symbolizes rebirth or new life, so Easter is typically celebrated by Christians. However, the celebration is shrouded with pagan rituals that go back to our earliest recorded history.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed family life for everyone. With all the changes happening in society, it’s understandable that both you and your children are experiencing heightened levels of anxiety and apprehension these days.
"Before I had kids, I made all sorts of promises I now realize I shouldn't have made even though I meant it at the time. These promises and my continually canceling plans make me seem like the worst—the worst friend."
No matter how many children you have, or how big or small their age differences are, having a new baby always presents a major adjustment phase for your family.
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