Breastfeeding mothers are often confused about baby feeding, some are not sure when is the right time to introduce solid food to their babies while others are not sure if breastfeeding should be continued.
The KeaBabies Silicone Bibs are the perfect addition to any toddler’s mealtime fun! They protect against accidental spills and are comfy enough so your child won’t try to yank it off during his meal! We hope by using our quality KeaBabies productsyou’re able to create wonderful moments with your families! 

Your baby is ready to start solids - so what feeding accessories do you need? Read the blog post below for a list of the most helpful mealtime essentials!

Have you seen our new KeaBabies Silicone Bib sets? Our sets come in 2 color options and are perfect for babies and toddlers alike! Check out one KeaMommy’s review of how the silicone bib works for her toddler.
Packing quick, easy, and healthy lunches can be difficult with little ones to care for! What better way to prepare healthy lunches than to find a way to share those meals with your little one (if they are able to eat solid foods). Click the link for some great lunch ideas, and simple ways to modify for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.
Is your baby curious about numbers? A recent study shows that babies and toddlers may understand much more than we originally thought!
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