Essential Mealtime Accessories For New Eaters
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Essential Mealtime Accessories For New Eaters

Your baby is ready to start solids - so what feeding accessories do you need? Read the blog post below for a list of the most helpful mealtime essentials!

Your baby’s pediatrician has given the ok to start solids - now what? What exactly do you need as your little one begins her eating journey? Check out this list for the most popular mealtime essentials for new eaters.

baby bandana bibs

1. Mesh feeder

As their baby starts solid foods, many parents worry about choking. Using a mesh feeder can alleviate some of those fears. Letting your baby chew on foods through a mesh feeder ensures that your little one doesn’t accidentally bite off pieces of food that are choking hazards. Some easy foods to use in a mesh feeder include: pears, bananas, strawberries, avocado, squash, and sweet potatoes. If you are breastfeeding, you can also put chunks of frozen breastmilk in a mesh feeder for a tasty treat!

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2. A variety of cups

There are so many varieties of training cups available these days! Remember, the ultimate goal is to teach your child to drink from an open cup. Many pediatricians will recommend starting with a traditional sippy cup with a spout. However, some babies prefer a straw cup or even an open cup. There are also cups with special lids that allow your baby to take sips similar to drinking from a regular cup, but without unwanted spills. There are also weighted straw cups that are easier to drink from because the cup doesn’t have to be held at a specific angle. Some companies also make small open cups suitable for tiny hands! 


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3. Silicone bibs and bandana bibs

Your new eater will definitely need some good bibs - and lots of them! The KeaBabies Bandana Bib sets are perfect for beginning eaters who aren’t too messy with their food just yet. They are ultra-soft, making them super comfortable for the littlest babies. They are also highly absorbent and will help keep mealtime messes off of your baby’s adorable outfits! The KeaBabies Silicone Bibs are great for older babies and toddlers who get messy during meals! These bibs are sturdier, thicker, and have a pocket for catching accidental spills!

4. Baby silverware

You will want to teach your baby how to use silverware so he can eventually become an independent eater. Buying a few sets of baby utensils can be very helpful. There are both plastic and metal options, depending on your preference. There are also some utensil sets designed specifically for your baby’s little hands. Be sure to keep a fork and spoon in your diaper bag for meals on the go. 

5. Placemats

You will need to buy some placemats if you plan on feeding your baby at restaurants. You can either buy washable, reusable placemats that stick to the table, or you can buy plastic disposable placemats with adhesive tape to stick to the table. Keep a few in your diaper bag for mealtimes on the go! 

6. Silicone trays for baby food

If you plan on making your own baby food purees, it can be helpful to freeze them in trays and then transfer them into labeled freezer bags. You can use special silicone trays designed for baby food, or you can use plastic ice cube trays. Simply steam and puree your baby food, let cool, and pour into trays, and freeze. Once frozen, pop out the cubes of baby food and transfer to labeled bags. You can prepare a lot of baby food ahead of time using this technique!

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7. Suctioning plates and bowls 

It’s important to invest in some quality small bowls and plates for your little one, but finding ones that suction to the high chair or table is even better! Having bowls and plates that suction to the table can prevent unwanted tips and spills, and will keep your baby from throwing their plate off the tray. As your baby gets older and begins to feed herself, it will be helpful to have bowls and plates that suction to the high chair to stabilize them and make feeding easier. 

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Grab these mealtime essentials next time you’re at the store, and your little one will be prepared for success when she starts her eating journey! 


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