Mama Review: KeaBabies Silicone Bib Set
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Mama Review: KeaBabies Silicone Bib Set

Have you seen our new KeaBabies Silicone Bib sets? Our sets come in 2 color options and are perfect for babies and toddlers alike! Check out one KeaMommy’s review of how the silicone bib works for her toddler.

As a mama to a rambunctious, independent toddler, I’m always on the lookout for great mealtime accessories. From non-slip placemats to weighted straw cups, to baby-sized silverware, there are so many wonderful and inventive products on the market for any beginning eater. As a follower of baby-led weaning, mealtimes have always been a bit messy! Especially now, as my little one has grown into a toddler who wants to eat independently, keeping his clothes mess-free is high on my priority list!

The KeaBabies Silicone Bibs do just that.

baby bibs silicone

We started Roman’s feeding journey at 6 months old, and loosely followed the standards of baby-led weaning, which encourages babies to be in charge of their eating. Baby-led weaning prioritizes the baby’s process of learning to eat - building skills such as the pincer grip, holding utensils, using an open cup, bringing food towards their mouth, and stopping the meal when they feel full, not when the parent decides they are full. 

Of course, baby-led weaning is as messy as it sounds! Over the course of his eating journey, I’ve tried many different types of bibs. The KeaBabies Bandana Bibs worked well for us in the beginning, when his meals were smaller and less messy. They were absorbent enough to catch any accidental spills, but eventually, we needed something more spill-proof! 

I found that the best way to keep Roman clean during meal times (other than stripping him down to a diaper!) were silicone bibs. There are many companies that make silicone bibs, and they vary by price, quality, design, and material. Some bibs that we tried were too thick and heavy, while others were so flimsy, the food would just fall right out of the pocket.

baby bibs silicone

That’s why we were so excited when KeaBabies launched their two sets of silicone bibs! 

We bought the “Cloud Nine” set of bibs: one green and one blue. The bibs are very lightweight, 

fit easily into my diaper bag, and yet feel very durable. They are made of BPA-free, food-grade, waterproof silicone. 

They are super easy to wipe clean, wash in the sink, or even throw in the dishwasher! They are definitely leak-proof - even the many water spills, messy pasta dishes, and small bits of crackers fell right into the pocket instead of ruining his clothes. 

He loves the food pocket because he often sifts through it at the end of a meal to find his “leftovers.” Like all toddlers, he doesn’t mind making a giant mess of his meals as half his food falls off of his utensils. He loves practicing with his fork and spoon, so a lot of food falls into the pocket. The built-in “food catcher” makes sure his adorable outfits stay dry and clean during mealtimes.

bibs silicone for baby

The bibs are nice because they come in a set of two, so I’m always sure to have a clean one of hand. They do scrub clean very easily with normal dish soap and don’t seem to retain any stains or odors. The bibs are highly adjustable, with six sizing options. They are easy to secure without bothering his neck or accidentally catching his long hair in one of the buttons. 

The bibs are available both on the KeaBabies website (free US shipping)  and on Amazon (always a plus if you’re a Prime member)!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend the KeaBabies Silicone Bibs to any of my friends who have little ones! They can be used as early as 5-6 months old, up to about 3 years old, so these bibs are a must-have on anyone’s baby registry!


bibs food catcher



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