Terrific Thanksgiving Crafts For The Whole Family
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Terrific Thanksgiving Crafts For The Whole Family

This is a great month to do some craft projects with your children! Check out this blog post for ideas for fun art projects for any age.

 Looking forward to Thanksgiving this year? Even though your celebration may be much smaller in 2020, you can still have fun decorating your house with adorable crafts you can make at home with your kids! Check out some of our favorite turkey-themed crafts! 

This month can be filled with fun crafts for everyone in your family, no matter how young! We’ve rounded up our favorite turkey creations from around the web: 

1. Sponge painting turkey

For this craft, you’ll need a sponge, cut up into small rectangular pieces. Then you’ll need a paper plate, some paints, and some brown construction paper. Cut the brown paper into the shape of a turkey’s head. Draw on some eyes and a mouth, and glue to the bottom portion of the paper plate. Let your child dip the sponge pieces into the paints (think shades of red, orange, and yellow!) and use them as stamps all over the paper plate to look like the turkey’s feathers. 

Sponge painting turkey

2. Footprint turkey

If your little one is too young for craft projects, handprint/footprint artwork is a great option! All you’ll need is some brown paint, and colorful construction paper. Cut pieces of construction paper in oval-shaped pieces to look like the turkey’s feathers. Glue onto the paper, then paint the bottom of your baby’s foot with brown paint, Stamp it on top of the feathers, and your baby’s foot will become the turkey’s body! Add plastic eyes and a beak made out of orange paper, and you’ll have an adorable keepsake memory of your baby’s tiny footprint for years to come! 

Footprint turkey

3. Fork painting turkey

This project is similar to the sponge painting turkey, but instead of painting with sponges, you’ll use a plastic fork instead! Grab a white paper plate, and draw a turkey’s face or cut a head out of brown construction paper, and glue onto the bottom part of the plate. Next, help your child dip a few plastic forks into different colors of paints, and press the fork onto the paper plate to create an interesting texture that looks like a turkey’s feathers! 

Fork painting turkey

4. Pinecone turkey

This is a great time of year to go on a nature walk to collect pinecones. Pinecones are a wonderful material to use for fall crafting! You can use a pinecone for the turkey’s body and use colored craft feathers and plastic eyes to create a cute little turkey craft. It might be easiest to use hot glue for this project, but hot glue guns should only be used by adults. Your little one can help you stick the feathers into the pinecone and choose what colors to use. 

Pinecone turkey

5. Doily turkey

Paper doilies make the perfect base for this turkey craft. The rounded, decorative edges will look like the turkey’s feathers. Cut out the turkey’s head and body using brown construction paper, and you can add an orange beak and folded orange strips of paper for the legs. Then, let your little one use stamps, dot markers, or paint to color the doily to look like the turkey’s colorful feathers.

Doily turkey

6. Breakfast turkey

While this isn’t exactly a craft project, it’s still a fun snack time activity to do with your kids. You’ll need sliced fruit, candy eyes, and plain waffles. For the turkey’s body, use a big waffle. Then using a second waffle, cut a small circle for the face, and small triangles for the wings. Chop up some fruit (strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, or pineapple) into triangular pieces, and arrange in lines to look like the turkey’s feathers. Add on the candy eyes onto the small circle. This makes for a healthy snack or breakfast treat for your little ones! 

Happy crafting!


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