24 Baby Milestone Stickers

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Modern Baby Stickers To Celebrate Baby's Important Milestones

Welcome To Wonderland, Where Your Child Takes Center Stage

Watching your precious little one grow day by day, feeling immense joy and pride at the little milestones they achieve is one of life's greatest blessings.

Capture these precious moments of your baby's growth and firsts with your Wonderland Baby Milestone Stickers. Because the littlest moments create the biggest memories in time.

    24 Beautifully Designed Baby Milestone Stickers
    4.4" by 4.4" Rounded Cards With 4" Diameter Round Stickers
    Modern Matte Non-Reflective Photo Prop Display

    Create Wonderful Moments Together!

    Our mission is to inspire modern parents to build strong parent-child bonds and create wonderful moments together. We believe that through strong parent-child bonds, parents can create a loving & inspiring environment to nurture their child's full potential.

    Step Into Wonderland With Your Baby

    Whimsical, artsy and surprises on every 24 baby milestone stickers. Embark on a journey through your baby's Wonderland. Share your baby's growing up monthly milestones through cute and creative photographs. Beautifully illustrated and crafted with love, your Wonderland Baby Milestone Stickers consists of 24 unique watercolor themed stickers featuring important milestones in your baby's first years.

    12 Month By Month Baby Birthday Stickers 

    1 Month to 12 Months Monthly Stickers
    Featuring large numbers for clear photo view.

    8 Baby's Firsts Important Milestones Stickers

     Just Born, I Can Sit Down, Stand Up, Crawl and Walk (4 Separate Stickers), I Said My First Word, I Slept Through The Night, My First Tooth

    4 Baby's Firsts Major Holiday Celebration Milestone Stickers 

    My First Valentine's, My First Easter, First Halloween, My First Christmas

    Perfect Non-Reflective Photo Prop

    We use modern matte non-reflective finish for our Baby Milestone Stickers so that you can photograph your baby like a pro. The premium quality adhesive sticker also prevents damage on your baby's clothes upon removal of the baby sticker.

    KeaBabies Tip: Choose light-colored and simple clothings for your baby so that these photos will not look out-of-style in the future.

    Capture Meaningful Milestones

    These meaningful milestones only come once in a lifetime and we are sure you will not want to miss it. Share these cute photos with your baby when they grow up to become toddlers, he/she will be amazed by how much they have grown.

    KeaBabies Tip: Write a short imaginary story about baby's growing up adventure. Add fun in their adventure by incorporating the cute Wonderland characters.

    Use As Display Card Or Sticker

    Choose from rounded square or circle milestone display prop for your baby's photos. Each milestone card comes in rounded square cut out sized at 4.4” by 4.4” and you can peel it off to use as round baby stickers sized at 4” diameter. Perfect to display on baby’s belly or by their side.

    KeaBabies Tip: Share these adorable photos on baby's first birthday party with family and friends. Have a good laugh!

    Wonderland Baby Keepsakes Set: Baby Milestone Stickers and Memory Book

    All modern parents love cute and thoughtful gifts. We made our Wonderland Baby Milestone Stickers to be gender neutral for unisex baby girl and boy.

    Collect our KeaBabies Wonderland Baby Memory Book to complete your baby keepsake set. Makes a perfect baby shower and baby welcome gift bundle set for new moms and dads!

    Includes: White minimalist gift box

    Flat Lay Photography

    Place the milestone card beside baby for a nice top view photo without using any other props.

    Belly Sticker

    Stick the milestone sticker on your baby's romper. Record your baby's every milestone effortlessly.

    Photography Prop

    Perfect for use as photography prop in professional studio or home photoshoot.

    Cute and Neutral For Any Photoshoot Theme

    Gender neutral colors, elaborated yet modern designs make our Wonderland Milestone Stickers suitable for baby girls and boys. Adds a nice finishing touch to any photoshoot theme.

    • 24 BABY MONTHLY MILESTONE STICKERS - Our Wonderland Baby Milestone Stickers include 12 month by month baby milestones, baby’s firsts important milestones and baby’s firsts important festive holiday celebrations. Our Wonderland theme is illustrated with neutral colors for unisex babies, making it suitable for baby girls and boys.
    • WHIMSICAL WONDERLAND CHARACTERS - Each milestone sticker is beautifully illustrated with cute Wonderland characters. Let these cute characters accompany your child through their important growing up milestones and reminisce these cute and special moments together with them when they grow up. Get our matching KeaBabies Wonderland Baby Memory Book and keep a journal of these special milestones.
    • MATTE FINISH WITH QUALITY GLOSS ADHESIVE STICKERS - Each milestone sticker card is made with modern matte finish to ensure no-glare or reflection during your baby’s photography sessions. We use premium quality gloss adhesive stickers so that you will not have a hard time removing the milestone sticker from baby’s clothes after use.
    • ROUNDED SQUARE CARDS OR ROUND BELLY STICKERS - You can use our Monthly Milestone Stickers as infant belly stickers or as a photo prop display milestone card. Each milestone card comes in a round edged square cut-out sized at 4.4” by 4.4”, and you can peel it off to use as round shaped baby stickers sized at 4” diameter. Perfect to display on baby’s belly or by their side.
    • PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT - All modern parents love cute and thoughtful gifts. Pair these cute Wonderland Baby Milestone Stickers with our matching KeaBabies Wonderland Baby Memory Book for the perfect baby shower and baby welcome gift bundle for new moms & dads! Comes with a cute gift box that’s ready for gifting.