Becoming a parent can be a time of great excitement and joy. All the same, having a baby can be a great challenge even to the “best” relationships.
The mother’s mental health can have long-term effects on the baby. An anxious mother can raise an anxious child and some children grow up having to be their parent’s caretaker.

You can't get help if you're in denial about how you feel. Once you recognize that you're experiencing severe depression after postpartum care then it's time to accept things for what they are and seek out help.

Postpartum is a time when women feel confused and undergo tremendous bodily changes, many new moms wonder whether they can get back to pre-pregnancy shape.
Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) can cause itchy skin rashes during pregnancy and a few weeks after childbirth.
It can seem that postpartum depression doesn't make sense. How can something that's supposed to be the height of the human experience cause someone to feel so low?

When you take care of yourself you'll be better equipped in mind, body, and health to take care of your baby. You'll be able to fully enjoy the wonders of being a new mom!

For most of our life, we thought we didn’t want to have a child. We were about 98% sure it wasn’t for us, but that 2% expanded when we found the right partner.

Pregnancy comes with many changes hormonally and physically. The drastic drop in hormones from the time you give birth along with sleep deprivation, can make for a very emotional first week.
During the first few weeks after childbirth, a mother’s body starts healing and adjusting to not being a pregnant mom. The stage is referred to as the postpartum period or postpartum.

It is a known fact that mothers crave a variety of food ranging from pickles to chocolates and ice cream during their pregnancy. However, it has been observed that even new mothers exhibit postpartum cravings as well.

A belly binder, wrap, or band is a recommended accessory for those who are going on postpartum recovery. Aside from producing a slimmer stomach, you can gain a few notable benefits, mainly a healthier reproductive system.
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