Little Known Facts About Pregnancy
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Little Known Facts About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a labyrinth, especially for new moms. Fortunately, with enough preparation, this ordeal can be an exciting phase to cherish. Here is a mishmash of uncommon things you ought to know if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant anytime soon.

Pregnancy is a labyrinth, especially for new moms. Fortunately, with enough preparation, this ordeal can be an exciting phase to cherish. Here is a mishmash of uncommon things you ought to know if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant anytime soon.

Dads may experience pregnancy symptoms 

pregnancy symptoms in men

Aside from having a delayed period or menstrual cycle, you will experience pregnancy symptoms during the first trimester of pregnancy. Surprisingly your husband may deal with this, too!

Some expectant fathers can also experience having pregnancy symptoms. Although this phenomenon is unexplainable, it happens in men across the world. This sympathetic pregnancy is called “couvade.” Instead of moms, the dads are the ones who gain weight, have mood swings, nausea, bloating tummy, and most especially the food cravings!

Morning sickness occurs throughout the day 

Morning sickness is a misnomer. It can strike throughout the day. 

Most pregnant women may experience nauseous during the first trimester while some endure it during their entire pregnancy. A woman’s hypersensitivity to spicy foods, weather, scents, or odor can trigger morning sickness. It usually fades during the second to the third trimester of pregnancy.

Morning sickness is often mild but be mindful of its severity because there are instances when you will have to consult your doctor to look after your health. Feeling dizzy, fainting every time you stand up, unusual heart palpitations, pain when urinating or dark urine color, and vomiting uncontrollably that causes dehydration are all situations where you need to call for immediate medical attention or even hospitalization. 

You can avoid potential danger through the sense of smell

heightened sense of smell

Hyperosmia is the condition of having a heightened sense of smell that is common in pregnancy. Expectant moms are sensitive to smell during the first trimester, and it triggers vomiting or dizziness.

Your supersensitive nose is quite impossible to tame at this point because your hormones are surging, but trust that it can also be helpful for your little one. Studies show that olfaction can help protect the embryo inside your womb. It serves as an involuntary detector that can limit the food you eat while the fetus is still vulnerable. If it is potentially dangerous for the embryo, you will become averse to eat it. 

Your heart works double time while pregnant. 

As the embryo inside your womb grows, your heart gets busier. It will pump the blood for you and your baby, which explains why you are almost always palpitating. 

Heart palpitation is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. Pregnant women may even experience bloody gums or noses frequently because of the sudden increase in blood volume. It can make the heart bigger. If you are having difficulty breathing or experiencing chest pain, you will have to inform your doctor immediately. 

During pregnancy, you may experience other underlying health problems which can cause abnormalities in your heart rhythms. Thyroid disease, coronary artery disease, pulmonary hypertension, anxiety, stress or depression, and even allergic reaction to medicines are some of these. It is difficult to recognize these diseases throughout your pregnancy, so make sure to pay attention when having abnormal heart palpitations. 

Pregnancy brain means your mind is on vacation. 

pregnancy brain

Have you ever wondered why most pregnant moms tend to be forgetful? Lots of changes happen to women during pregnancy, but these pregnancy signs are often on the physical. Mentally, your mind is struggling too. 

Inside of you, mental shifts happen unnoticeably. Some research show that expectant mothers have less oxygen saturation in blood because the embryo is getting the best out of everything moms get. The calcium, blood, oxygen, and nutrients from the food go to the baby. In truth, only the leftovers stay with the mothers. 

The lower oxygen saturation in the blood can make moms a bit absent-minded and mentally distracted. This condition is known as Pregnancy Brain or Mommy's brain.

You may get frustrated because of the mistakes you may make, but in the meantime, try to make amends and help your brain to function better. If you are struggling to focus or remember things, then jot them down or keep a memory aid. Be kind to yourself and take it as a momentary mind vacation. 

Your ability to think and recall may be affected by your hormonal changes. So, help your brain to improve its cognitive function. Pregnancy brain can make you feel less efficient, but worry not, for this phase will pass, too. 

The truth about hair.

Hair shedding experiences vary from one mom to another. Usually, it peaks post-partum, but some women eventually regain their natural hair growth after giving birth.

Dermatologists often refer to this situation as “excessive hair shedding.” It shows that the estrogen level in your body is slowly falling. Fortunately, it is a temporary condition, and you do not need to do anything to treat it. 

You crave what your body lacks.  

pregnancy cravings

A lot of pregnant ladies have food cravings. Some cravings are even hard to imagine, like cheese and fish or maple and mango. Every pregnancy long for different food combinations, and often, what you eat least seems to be very pleasant these days.

The reason behind this is your maternal instinct. From conception, your body protects the baby. It sends a signal as to what the baby needs, and theoretically, the body speaks in the form of cravings. So, you crave what you lack because your baby needs it. 

Doctors say it is necessary to eat what you are craving because the nutrient your body needs may come from it. For instance, you are longing for cheese and milk but not because you want the taste of these foods but because your body needs calcium. Hence, it is not the food but what’s in the food that matters. So, your sense of taste may also change a bit to conform to your pregnancy. 

Conclusive Fact

There are amazing stories behind every pregnancy. You'll embrace changes in your lifestyle and your appearance too. Along the way, there will be stretch marks, acne, black armpits, and other things that may make you feel ugly, but at the end of the day, you are one of a kind. The sacrifices, selflessness, and big heart will set you apart from the rest because you are a mom. May your heart be big enough to love the journey amidst all the struggles.

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