KeaBabies Nursing Pads: The Benefits of the Brand
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KeaBabies Nursing Pads: The Benefits of the Brand

Breastfeeding is a wonderful way for new mothers to bond with their babies. Breastfeeding is so beneficial to both mother and child and gives baby ...

Breastfeeding is a wonderful way for new mothers to bond with their babies. Breastfeeding is so beneficial to both mother and child and gives baby the perfect start to a healthy life! But let’s be honest – sometimes breastfeeding is difficult, frustrating, or even painful. At KeaBabies, we strive to create quality products to promote healthy parent-child bonding – and KeaBabies Nursing Pads do just that!

Breastfeeding should be a pleasant experience for both mother and baby. In the first days to weeks after birth, it is common to experience some nipple soreness when baby latches on and breastfeeds. It takes the body some time to get used to the sensation of nursing a baby, so be patient – it does get easier!

KeaBabies Breast Pads are made from organic, hypoallergenic bamboo and provide maximum comfort for sore, dry, or cracked nipples. Don’t settle for scratchy, rough disposable pads! KeaBabies Breast Pads are luxuriously soft and highly absorbent, keeping you comfortable all day long.

The KeaBabies Breast Pads are ultra-absorbent. They are made up of four layers of perfectly-absorbent bamboo, backed with a waterproof layer to prevent leakage. In the first weeks after birth, your breast milk supply begins to regulate and respond to your baby’s unique needs. Even during pregnancy, leaking is common and can cause irritation and stubborn clothing stains. With KeaBabies Breast Pads, there’s no need to worry about embarrassing leaks! The multiple layers of material are absorbent enough to last all day long.


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If you experience anything besides a little tenderness during breastfeeding your baby, it could be due to a few different factors.

  • Baby’s latch

A new baby may have a shallow or improper latch. Positioning your baby properly before he begins to nurse can alleviate nipple pain and soreness. Other problems such as tongue tie and lip tie may also impact the baby’s latch. Be sure to speak with a lactation consultant to address any issues with your baby’s latch.


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  • Baby’s position

Many new mothers don’t realize there isn’t one “right” way to breastfeed. In fact, there are many positions you can nurse your baby in, and sometimes it just takes a little trial-and-error to find a nursing position that works for you and your baby. Some positions include laid-back, football hold, and cradle hold. Some babies prefer to nurse while laying down in bed with their mother, while others enjoy nursing in a baby carrier. If your nipples are very sore during breastfeeding, try nursing your baby in a new position and see if that alleviates some of the pain.

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  • Baby’s sucking pattern

If the baby is overly hungry or tired, his sucking pattern may be more aggressive than usual, causing nipple pain. Teething babies also tend to have weak latches and sucking patterns – or even bite – which can cause nipple soreness as well. If you notice your baby’s sucking pattern is out of the ordinary, try to figure out what the problem is. Try paying special attention to your baby’s hunger cues and begin feeding when the baby is relaxed, not extremely hungry. If the baby is teething, there are many remedies to alleviate pain, which may prevent baby from attacking your nipples!

If you are experiencing dry, cracked nipples from breastfeeding, try using a lanolin ointment or even some of your own breast milk to soothe the pain. You can also buy gel pads that cool in the refrigerator that can help soothe sore nipples. KeaBabies Nursing Pads are better than disposable pads because they don’t cause irritation and are soft enough to wear all throughout the day.

The contoured design of KeaBabies Nursing Pads makes them comfortable and easy to wear. They won’t show through clothing and conform to the natural shape of the breast. The contoured cone design of the KeaBabies Breast Pads is perfectly shaped to protect your nipples without awkwardly bulging through clothing. In addition, the KeaBabies Breast Pads are a one-size-fits-all, comfortable for all breast sizes and shapes.


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KeaBabies Breast Pads are made from 100% organic bamboo material, making them safe for babies to latch on right after use. The hypoallergenic materials won’t irritate your skin or your baby’s skin, and the bamboo prevents leakage, odors, and bacteria!

KeaBabies Breast Pads are the perfect tool for any breastfeeding mommies! Made from high quality, organic materials, our breast pads are sure to help soothe sore nipples and make your breastfeeding journey pleasant and comfortable.

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