Eight Must-Haves to Create Your Postpartum OOTD
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Eight Must-Haves to Create Your Postpartum OOTD

Choosing the right clothes goes a long way in helping you feel better about your body. The clothes must be comfy but also stylish.

Holding a baby in your arms is every woman’s joy. However, childbirth is never a walk in the park. Numerous reasons make women uncomfortable after birth. The postpartum baby body can be challenging to embrace.

You want to be as comfortable as possible when you leave the hospital. Another overwhelming feeling is the postpartum pain that you feel while your body recovers. Choosing the right clothes goes a long way in helping you feel better about your body. The clothes must be comfy but also stylish. Here are eight must-haves for your postpartum care and style.

1. Multi-use nursing covers

multi use nursing cover

While you may not have planned this, you need multi-use nursing covers. The KeaBabies’ multi-use nursing covers are a great way to shield yourself when nursing in public. You can get all colors and prints for covers to use as accessories.

You can wear breastfeeding covers like a one-shoulder blouse or even a poncho. Get creative and use the cover in a way that will make you stand out. They are light-weight and comfortable, and they will give you an easy time when breastfeeding.

2. Comfortable bras

Once you have the baby, give the girls a break and wear comfortable bras. Switch the sexy bras with a nursing bra. Nursing bras allow you to have an easy time when breastfeeding. Without the underwire and a loose fit, your breasts will rest easy.

A nursing bra is also absorbent, so you do not have to worry about leaks. For added protection and comfort, insert KeaBabies reusable nursing pads. You can still wear that sexy bra once in a while. However, when you get these on, it will be hard not to wear them all the time.

3. Postpartum support belt

postpartum belly band

During pregnancy, your body takes a hit. Your skin stretches to accommodate the baby. Your back, pelvis, and spine also suffer immensely. The KeaBabies 3-in-1 postpartum recovery support belt is a must-have item that will help you with your postpartum care. You can get a belly belt or a pelvic belt. The belly wraps hold everything in place to prevent your skin from sagging. The sooner you start using the belt, the easier it gets to recover your pre-baby body.

New moms who had normal delivery can use the belt after three days. Caesarian moms, however, have to wait until the stitches heal. It is also advisable to wear something underneath the belt to avoid friction and discomfort from the belt.

4. Fitting pants

KeaBabies Diaper Backpack Bag

Get yourself a great pair of fitting pants. Pants are an easy go-to favorite as they offer more style options. With two or three pairs, you can have a whole wardrobe with just a few tees to pair. Additionally, you can get stretchy jeans.

A nice pair of jeans makes you feel like you still got it. Jeans are the one thing that makes us feel good. Buy the right size for your jeans.

5. Loose button-down shirt

postpartum OOTD

Nothing completes your wardrobe like a loose button-down shirt. When you need to unbutton and pump, you do not have to undress. Shirts are easy to style as they can pass up as official wear. While at home, you can wear them in shorts. A good button-down is sexy and takes away the attention from the areas you want to conceal while accentuates the best parts. Get the right fit and look out for the sleeves for a touch of uniqueness and style.

6. Heavy Leggings

Heavy leggings are classy and stylish. You can style them up when going out while they also work well when you are at home. Pick great colors like black, which slims you down. Most moms are conscious about their looks when wearing pants after birth. Some companies like Spanx make heavy leggings that act as shapewear. They will hold everything together and amplify the shape that you desire. Avoid wearing overly tight clothing that may deny you comfort.

7. Reuse pregnancy wear

Keababies Baby Wrap Carrier

While you may want to get rid of your pregnancy clothes, think of reusing the clothes. Keep the clothes that you can repurpose for your at-home wardrobe. Ultimately, get rid of pregnancy jeans and skirts. They can make you look like you are still pregnant. Donate or gift to a pregnant pal.

Dresses that are long and flowy can use some belts to cinch in the waist. The same applies to flowing tops.

8. Tee Dress

postpartum outfit for moms

A good tee dress is ultimate style envy. When spending a lot of time indoors, you want to wear something flowing and comfortable. A tee dress serves the purpose perfectly. One-piece clothing is a go-to, especially when you are still recovering from childbirth,

You can wear a tee dress from summer to fall. They are also easy to style. If you want to go out to shop, throw on a trench coat and sneakers, and you are good to go.


Dressing up your postpartum body may be complicated than you imagined. Most moms feel pressured to get their pre-baby body which does not happen overnight. However, dressing well makes all the difference and inspires you to focus on the most important things. Do not get stuck in wearing sweats all the time. Get the items above and stay stylish.


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