Babies, especially newborns, tend to swallow a lot of air during feedings, and this can cause painful gas bubbles in their bellies. Their digestive system and eating patterns aren’t mature yet, and they often swallow a lot of air during feeding sessions, especially if they are bottle-fed.

Join KeaBabies in promoting proper hand washing and stay safe and healthy during these times! We’d love for you to participate in our KeaBabies Handwash Challenge on social media - and everyone is a winner! Click the link to find out how
This can be a challenging time for parents and children alike. Click here for information on how you can balance positivity with realism with your young children during this crisis.

Has your little one been plagued with winter illnesses like colds and other respiratory viruses? Read on for tips on how to survive this season and help your little one thrive! 

We’re sure you’ve heard it on the news, in your parenting groups on Facebook, and amongst your friends - but what exactly is RSV and how do you prevent your little one from getting this illness?
Has your little one recently started solid foods? Is your infant graduating from purees to table food? Be sure to read this blog post first to stay informed on the top choking hazards to be aware of!
Babies cry for several reasons – it’s the only form of communication they are fluent in! It’s easy for a new parent to assume all cries indicate hunger, but in reality, this is only one of a baby’s many needs.
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