Dear Son,
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Dear Son,

"I could not wait for you to be born, but when you were born, I could not wait for you to crawl. Then I looked ahead in haste for when you would walk, talk, and be more independent."

There aren’t enough pages, words, or time to completely expressively capture even a glimpse of all of what I want to tell you, son. Instead, I defer to the three principles I strive to embody in all I think, feel, do, and express.



Without simplicity as a foundation, life itself will prove to be complicated. The model of the modern human is entangled in innovation. On the surface, many so-called improvements often appear to make life easier, but beneath the glamor are complexities that trap humans in unhealthy states.

The way we eat, for example, can be simplified to the plant kingdom, but because of the choices we’ve made as a civilization, processing and genetically modifying foods have left us with plenty of options, most of which are unhealthy. The world is realizing this now and we’re moving back to a balanced approach to food health.

So whenever you feel overwhelmed by anything in life, food choices and beyond, always break your problems down into their simplest, most basic form. There is where you will find your answers and your peace.




I always thought I was such a patient person. I’ve had to wait for many things in my life to unfold so I could feel a sense of control over my life. I’ve been rewarded for my self-control more times than I can count, but there were more times I rushed into things with the naive hope that it will work. You taught me so much about true self-restraint.

The hard way is certainly one way to learn, but I promise you patience will give you more rewards than you know what to do with. The meantime, the time between asking for what you want and getting it, is where true, lifelong resilience is built.

I could not wait for you to be born, but when you were born, I could not wait for you to crawl. Then I looked ahead in haste for when you would walk, talk, and be more independent. The moments when I slow down and watch you with intense awareness taught me so much about being in the moment so deeply that when the next comes, I’m 100% truly ready for it.

Even better? I have less regrets when I’m patient because I know I appreciated what I had in the moment.




My final mantra is one of compassion. Compassion is having awareness and subsequent sensitivity for yourself and others. I see it as gentleness.

You should absolutely keep yourself and people accountable, but you must leave room to navigate the lesson in any experience. If you cannot give it, refer back to patience. If that’s still a challenge, simplify.

Sometimes we choose to repeat the same mistakes, but I’ve realized the reason we upkeep certain cycles is because something about it is serving us. This can be something that serves us in a way that keeps us from growing just as much as the opposite. When we apply gentleness or compassion, it helps us break free from unhealthy thoughts and behaviors quickly. We validate ourselves and grow stronger from this self-awareness.

Life’s 3 Treasures



I didn’t adopt simplicity, patience, and compassion into my life until after I had you. I picked them up from “Tao Te Ching” by Lao Tzu. It’s probably the only book you’ll ever truly need to read.

I was haphazardly navigating life again with naive hope it’ll just all make sense. Taking control meant giving myself principles to live by so I could be ready for anything life-related.

  • Strip all problems with simplicity to see all its parts.

  • Explore these stripped parts with patience until you find the core of the issue.

  • Use compassion to admit, accept, and take responsibility for the changes necessary to be a better you.

And that’s truly it, my littlest but biggest love.

Use these three and you will live a life you’ll be proud of filled with integrity, love, kindness, courage, strength, power, adventure, and growth.

Always before and beyond,

Your Mama.

Meet Our KeaMommy Contributor: Nadia Rumbolt

Nadia Rumbolt is a mom of many trades, including creative writing, blogging, van life, minimalism, veganism, the beach, nature, and the occult.

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