Will my Baby Refuse Breast after Taking Formula?
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Will my Baby Refuse Breast after Taking Formula?

If you have introduced your baby to the formula then you may wonder if it'll still feed on breast milk. This article will help you learn everything about formula feeding.

Mothers are often confused about breastfeeding and bottle feeding for their babies. However, with some relevant information and some practice, baby feeding becomes quite easy for mothers.

Breast milk should always be top of mind in the initial months of the baby's life because let's face it, nothing can beat breastfeeding for newborns. However, formula may become a preferred choice of baby feeding because it is more readily available, ready to serve, bought & in some cases prepared (we advise against making formula at home).

If you have introduced your baby to the formula then you may wonder if it'll still feed on breast milk. This article will help you learn everything about formula feeding.

4 Reasons Why Moms Give Formula Along With Breast milk

baby with a formula

Some women prefer to use the alternative of breast milk, the formula. And it’d be surprising to know that the commercially made formulas are nutritious. Along with it, the infant formula also has some nutrients & vitamins that breastfeeding babies get from supplements.

Did you know? The commercial formulas are manufactured under sterile conditions. The formulas are almost the same as breast milk that uses a combination of proteins, sugar, vitamins, and fats. The

Many mothers feed their babies formula instead of breast milk due to medical conditions, however, some women find it very stressful or difficult. Here are some more reasons why mothers feed formula instead:


It’s quite convenient for parents to feed the baby through a bottle at any time. However, this can also be done by women who prefer to pump their breast milk. But feeding the formula enables mothers to share baby feeding duties with their partners. Why? Because it can help strengthen the bond between the baby & the father. 


Bottle feeding allows the mothers to keep a flexible schedule and leave the baby with her partner or a caregiver, knowing that the baby will be kept well-fed. Thanks to the formula, the mothers don’t have to worry about pumping their breast milk or creating a schedule around the baby’s feeding time.

What’s even better? Formula-feeding mothers don’t have to find a private place to feed their babies.

Time and frequency of feedings

As the formula is a little less digestible compared to breast milk, the babies being fed formula needs to be fed fewer times than breastfed babies.


This may be the best part for foodie mothers. Thanks to formula, mothers don’t have to worry about what they’re eating because no matter what they eat or drink, it would not affect their babies.

Do Babies Refuse Breastfeeding After Introduction To Formula?

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Some babies usually like breastfeeding than bottle feeding while the other babies prefer formula over breast milk. You will know what your baby prefers only after you introduce breast milk as well as formula to them.

So, no, not all babies will refuse to breastfeed after they get introduced to the formula.

However, some babies may prefer formula as they keep the baby full for a longer duration while breastfeeding makes the babies hungry more often.

How will you know what your baby prefers? First, breastfeed your baby and if it doesn’t latch onto it or doesn’t feed on it, introduce formula. Let the baby drink just half an ounce of formula and then again try breastfeeding. If the second try to breastfeed is successful, then your baby prefers breastfeeding over formula and vice-versa.

Why Do Some Babies Want Formula Instead?

Breast milk is always a preferred choice of feeding for an infant in the first few months of its life. But wait, do babies love formula instead of breast milk? The babies don’t really have a preference as they’ll drink whatever is put into their mouths.

But we believe sometimes babies may drink formula instead of breast milk because of the taste.

The taste of breast milk always changes depending on what the mother is eating or drinking. However, the taste is consistent in the case of formula because no matter what the mother eats or drinks, the consistency of the formula won’t change.

To Sum It Up

We hope this article helps mothers to understand formula-feeding and bursts the doubts they have about it. Yes, babies may go back to breastfeeding even after they're introduced to the formula.


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