What’s in my Diaper Bag? Only the Essentials.
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What’s in my Diaper Bag? Only the Essentials.

Do you find it taunting and lost when packing for your first trip out with your newborn? Find out the essentials that you should bring out to save you from potential hazards. Check out KeaBabies’ Original Diaper Bag in its new pink/gray shade!

Do you find it taunting and lost when packing for your first trip out with your newborn?

Not sure what are the essentials that you should bring out to save you from potential hazards?

When I was a new mommy, I got pretty anxious when I had to bring my baby out for the first few times, alone. One of the constant worries was missing out on something that I should bring along, so I ended up bringing more than what I should. Back then, more is more and I ended up bringing my whole nursery out, regardless of whether I needed the items or not.

Now, I’m much more experienced and identified the essentials and would only bring those out. With a clear packing list, my roomy Original Diaper Bag contains all that I need for a full day out for a newborn and a toddler.

So what’s in my Diaper Bag?

KeaBabies Diaper Bag Essentials

For my newborn:

  • Diapers

Definitely top on the list, never to be missed out. Depending on how long I would be out for, I’ll adjust the number of diapers to bring along. Typically if I'm out the entire day, I’ll bring 3-4 diapers.

  • Diaper Cream

Along with my diapers stash, comes my diaper cream. I’m a light packer and would always prefer to bring out travel-sized products. Since I won’t be using a whole full-sized tube, I’ll always just bring my travel-sized diaper cream instead. 

KeaBabies Washcloths for baby

Washcloths would always be one of my diaper bag necessities as I use it for different usages - burping, cleaning my baby’s face, diaper changing. So I’d definitely bring a few pieces of them out since they’re handy, lightweight, and don’t take up too much space! KeaBabies’ organic bamboo washcloths are my go-to for my sensitive newborn’s skin.

  • Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are super handy, whether it’s for diaper changing, cleaning surfaces, or clearing messes. It’s a must-have for not only my newborn but my messy toddler too!

KeaBabies Breastfeeding Cover

As a nursing mom, KeaBabies Nursing Cover is one item that I use all the time - whether I’m at the mall, car, or outdoors. With 360 degrees coverage, I feel comfortable out and about while latching my newborn. It’s a breeze not having to struggle to find a vacant nursing room or a secluded spot to nurse my baby.

My Original Diaper Bag actually comes with a matching large diaper changing pad, which is really convenient for when I need to change my baby’s diapers. A diaper changing pad ensures that my baby will not feel the cold and hard diaper changing station, making our diaper changing an experience a smooth and comfortable one. We all know how fussy babies can be!

KeaBabies Newborn sling carrier

Sometimes I’ll use a stroller; sometimes I’ll use my Baby Wrap Carrier. Especially when I would like to do some hands-free shopping. My newborn loves being snug in the Baby Wrap Carrier and she’ll usually doze off soundly. My Baby Wrap Carrier is definitely my must-have to comfort a fussy baby!

  • Extra set of clothes

Ready for mess and accidents, I’ll always make sure to stand by an extra set of clothes. Never know when will there be diaper leaks and milk pukes, and I wouldn’t wanna walk around with a dirty baby!

Since I have two kids, I have to pack for two. But thankfully, my Original Diaper Bag has multi-pockets for easy storage and organization, so I don’t have to worry about not being able to find what I need! 

For my toddler:

  • Snacks & toys

Toddlers can be difficult to handle, especially when they hit the 2s and 3s. Snacks and toys are handy tools that I can always use to successfully bribe my son to behave. Anything to stop a meltdown!

  • Water Bottle

Sometimes, my toddler suddenly asks for water. And no, I still say no to flavored drinks. So plain water that is. Especially during the summer, a water bottle filled with water is a must-have!

  • Extra set of clothes

Likewise, for my toddler, I’ll also stand by an extra set of clothes. He no longer needs diapers as he’s fully toilet trained but he’s still an active sweaty toddler who would run into water fountains and get himself all wet, or create a food mess and stain his nice OOTD.

With so many things to bring out just for a day trip, a good diaper bag is a #1 must-have!

Check out KeaBabies’ Original Diaper Bag in its new pink/gray shade!




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