The Purpose of The Bulb Syringe for Infants
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The Purpose of The Bulb Syringe for Infants

How do you use a bulb syringe? This device is simple to use and super effective for clearing up an infant's stuffy nose! 

Ever wonder what that silicone bulb gadget is for that they give you in the hospital after you give birth to your baby? That handy little device is called a bulb syringe, and is a must-have for parents of newborns and infants!

What is a bulb syringe? 

Single blue medical enema

A bulb syringe is a device used for nasal suction and is a gentle, efficient way of clearing a baby's nose and airways. It is used to suction mucus from an infant's nose, and with simple saline solution or saline nose drops, it works perfectly for loosening up mucus and clearing out a baby's nose. A bulb syringe is used by manually squeezing it to induce suction.

There are different types of syringes that are used to clear mucus.

There are different types of devices used to clear a baby's nose in addition to a traditional bulb syringe. The NoseFrida and similar devices, including electronic ones, can also be very useful for clearing a baby's congestion.

Hospitals often give new parents a bulb syringe to take home, but it is also found in many infant first aid kits and available at most stores and pharmacies.

When should parents use a bulb syringe? 

Child's nasal aspirator

When infants have a stuffy nose, they are often uncomfortable, cry a lot, and are fussier than usual. Babies simply can't clear their nasal passages themselves like children and adults. A bulb syringe is a product that helps relieve congestion and promotes better breathing.

When a baby's nose is clear enough for them to breathe, they will often eat and sleep better. A bulb syringe is a great way to remove mucus and help soothe sick babies.

Limit suctioning to 4-6 times a day.

The bulb syringe can be used when a baby is very congested and uncomfortable. Use a bulb syringe to remove any loose mucus, and gently wipe baby's nose with a cloth. Don't overuse suction devices, because they can irritate a baby's delicate nasal lining. Nasal saline can help loosen dried mucus and clear up nasal congestion easier.

Why should you clean a baby's nose with a bulb syringe?

  • Use it when there is a lot of mucus visible that is stuck in the baby's nose.

  • Use it when a baby's mucus is very thick.

  • Use it when congestion makes it hard for a baby to eat properly.

  • Use it when your little one is breathing through their mouth or struggling to breathe through their nose.

In combination with saline nose drops or saline drops, cleaning a baby's nose with a bulb syringe is safe and effective.

Make sure to clean the bulb syringe properly.

A bulb syringe is used to suction a child's nose, and it needs to be washed frequently. Wash the syringe in warm water or hot water, or sterilize it in boiling water before washing. Warm soapy water can be used to clean the outside of the syringe between uses.

A clean bulb syringe is necessary for keeping your little one safe and healthy.

How do you use it?

Bulb syringes aren't hard to use. Gently insert the bulb syringe into one nostril, and slowly release the pressure so that it can draw mucus out of the baby's nasal passage. Squeeze the mucus out onto a tissue or napkin, rinse the tip of the bulb, and then repeat with the other nostril.

You can also start by putting three to four drops of saline nose drops in the baby's nostril before using the bulb syringe. Using saline solution in a baby's nose can help loosen mucus and make it easier to suction.

Using a bulb syringe with saline: 

  1. Place the baby on their back.

  2. Put three or four drops of saline nose drops into one nostril, and then the other nostril.

  3. Wait a few minutes for the saline to loosen the mucus.

  4. Pinch the bulb to squeeze out the air.

  5. Place into baby's nostril and release the bulb, allowing air to suction the mucus.

  6. Repeat on the other side.

  7. Wash the syringe with warm soapy water after use.

Learning how to use a bulb syringe for infants is simple.

In combination with nose drops, a bulb syringe can be an effective way to remove excess mucus from an infant's nose.

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