The Best Mother's Day Gifts for New Moms
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The Best Mother's Day Gifts for New Moms

Looking for ideas for amazing Mother's Day gifts for a new mom? Check out our list of all the gifts a new mom would truly appreciate and love as she celebrates her first Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is coming up, and it's time to surprise that special someone in your life who has recently welcomed a baby into the world. Mother's Day is an especially wonderful day for new moms who are experiencing everything for the first time. Forget the overdone gift basket full of soaps she'll never use, and try one of these ideas that are sure to impress that special new mom in your life!

The best Mother's Day gifts for new moms: 

Happy family. Mother and baby playing under blanket

Mother's Day gifts don't have to be expensive or extravagant; you can't put a price on picking out the most thoughtful gift. If someone you know is celebrating her first Mother's Day this year, check out this list of all of the best Mother's Day gifts that she'll truly love and cherish for years to come. From jewelry, to meal subscriptions, to baby keepsake gifts, to postpartum recovery items, these items make wonderful gifts for any new mom.

1. Inkless Baby Hand And Footprint Kit 

Inkless ink pads for baby handprint footprint

The KeaBabies Inkless Ink Pads are an amazing gift for new moms or moms-to-be. This clean, touch-free, mess-free ink set leaves no troublesome residue on the baby! Celebrate how tiny and sweet the hands and feet of a new baby are with these wonderful ink pads.

The ink pad is best suitable for infants 0-6 months and contains no harmful chemicals for their sensitive skin. For everything that is included in this wonderful gift set, you can't beat the affordable price of KeaBabies products.

2. A Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Color Printer 

Woman prints photo

The best gifts for new moms involve taking pictures, saving pictures, or printing pictures! All moms love to take countless photos of their precious new addition. Give her easy access to those photos by buying her a wireless photo printer. Photo printers are convenient and portable, and help a mama print out and save some of those precious memories.

Whether she prints photos for frames to display around the house, or glue them to a page in her scrapbook or memory album, a photo printer takes the challenge element out of enjoying pictures. This is a thoughtful gift any mom would love!

3. Custom Mama Bracelet

Surprise the new mom in your life with a cute bracelet she'll love. Bracelets come in all colors and styles, including rose gold, sterling silver, and beading. Buy her a bracelet that says "mama" to commemorate her new journey, or you can even find a personalized one that contains her baby's birthstone or birth month flower.

4. Matching Mother's Day Outfits 

Happy mother and 9 month old baby in matching pajamas playing in bedroom in the morning

Any mom would love to match her baby, whether she has a boy or a girl. Thankfully, many retailers now sell clothing in matching family prints. What a great way to show a mom you care by picking out a cute outfit for her to match her little one! You can even purchase sweet little accessories for the baby, like a bow, bow tie, or hat.

5. A beautiful bouquet

Flowers are pretty predictable when it comes to Mother's Day gifts, but why not celebrate a new mom or mother figure by creating your own special bouquet of her favorite flowers? Don't settle for the corny arrangements that grocery stores do every year. A great gift for a first Mother's Day is a beautiful arrangement designed by you!

6. Gold Mama Necklace

Giving birth and having a new baby are big events for a mother! Commemorate this big occasion with gifts that celebrate her new role as a mom. If this is her first Mother's Day, a "mom" or "mama" necklace would probably mean a lot to her! You might even be able to find a gift set that has a mama necklace and bracelet.

7. Baby Handprint Photo Frame Kit 

Baby air-dry clay keepsake kit

The KeaBabies Baby Handprint Footprint Keepsake Kit is one of the best gifts for new moms. The kit contains everything you need to create a keepsake memory she'll cherish forever. This kit contains baby-safe air-dry clay that can record your baby's handprint or footprint. It also has double-sided tape, frame cutouts, alphabet stamps, and multi-colored paints. Then there are two slots for photos so she can celebrate her sweet newborn. This keepsake kit is a great way to commemorate life's little moments.

8. Belt bag 

One thing all moms need is a good portable wallet or purse. A belt bag is a convenient item for new moms to take shopping or stick in the diaper bag for longer outings. A belt bag can hold all of her stuff and a few items for baby, perfect when she's out and about!

9. Humorous parenting books 

Mother Sitting With Son Reading Story Indoors

Books are tough gifts for new moms, because let's be honest - with a brand new baby, how much time do you actually have to read? Thankfully, many humorous and lighthearted parenting books celebrate the motherhood journey and make great gifts for new moms.

10. Document Organizer

Help that new mom in your life stay organized and on top of things with a new document organized or storage box. Chances are, she'll have lots of documents, medical files, mementos, keepsakes, doctor's notes, and handouts from the pediatrician to keep together. A nice document organizer can help a new mom keep all important documents and papers together.

11. Hands-Free Wearable Breast Pump 

loseup Shot Mini Electric Breast Pump

A hands-free breast pump can make a wonderful gift for a mama on her breastfeeding journey. Honor her dedication to feeding her baby by making her life easier with a wearable breast pump. Mothers feed their babies in many different ways, but a wearable pump can make all the difference for breastfeeding moms.

12. Name Bracelet

Any mother would love to celebrate her new baby's name. Choosing a baby name is a big task, and what better way to celebrate it than with a special bracelet that says the name? This is a thoughtful gift she'll definitely love and cherish for years to come. Personalized gifts like name bracelets make excellent gifts for new moms.

13. Meal service subscription

New moms are tired. Help out that special mom in your life by gifting her a meal kit subscription. New moms don't have time or energy to go to the store often, nor do they feel like cooking every night. A meal subscription service can help take the guesswork out of the equation. Show your appreciation for all of her hard work caring for her sweet baby by giving her a fantastic Mother's Day gift of a meal kit service.

14. A personalized phone case 

A phone case is a fresh take on Mother's Day gifts! You can choose a photo or photos of mother and baby to create a cute personalized case.

15. Breastfeeding accessories 

multi-use nursing cover

Celebrate that new mom with gifts that will help her in her breast-feeding journey. Things like a new nursing cover, soothing lotion, pump bags, a new water bottle, some protein bars, a fresh comfy pair of pajamas, nursing tanks, and nursing supplements can make great gifts for moms who are breastfeeding. She'll definitely be filled with gratitude that you would honor her special feeding journey!

16. New mom care essentials

You can create a beautiful gift basket for new moms filled with special things for their postpartum journey. Choose items like a soft blanket, scar cream, a heated pad, stretch mark ointment, a fresh pair of cozy pajamas, books about raising babies, clothing that celebrates motherhood, or a framed picture of her and her baby. This is a fun way to celebrate your mom friends and support them as they heal from giving birth.

17. A personalized necklace

Jewelry items make great gifts for new moms. You can surprise her with a personalized necklace that has her child's birthstone, name, or birth month flower. Personalized gifts are so special because it is a way of celebrating life's special milestones with your friends. You might be able to find a good price on personalized gifts by shopping close to the Mother's Day holiday.

18. Fruit variety box

All new moms need support when it comes to nourishing their bodies. A fruit box subscription or a one-time gift can be a wonderful way to encourage a mom in her health goals. It might even give her a few ideas for cooking or preparing new snacks!

19. Comfortable shoes 

Shoes for parents and child

New moms are always on the go. The perfect gift for new moms is a new pair of shoes! Celebrate her first Mother's Day with a pair of soft, cozy, squishy, supportive shoes that will help keep her comfortable during her busy life with a new baby.

20. Digital gift cards

If you're looking for simple ideas for Mother's Day gifts for a new mom, gift cards are always something to be appreciated. Gifts for new mothers should make their lives easier, and you can gift them online gift cards for their favorite restaurants, stores, clothing retailers, television subscription services, and much more! Some of the best Mother's Day gifts are something as simple as a gift card to their favorite store. This can help any new mom feel spoiled and loved!

21. Heating pad or heated blanket

Postpartum recovery can be tough for new moms. Show them you care by buying them a nice heating pad or heated blanket to keep them cozy and warm as they care for their baby and recover from labor and delivery. The best gifts for new mothers are practical and helpful.

22. Custom photo book 

A custom photo book is also a nice way to surprise a new mom and help her hold onto all the sweet memories of when her baby was little. Custom photo books are easy to design and make great gifts for new moms. You can ask the mom to send you pictures of the baby to include in the photo book, and then add digital stickers or text to commemorate those special moments.

23. Comfy lounge sets

Mother's Day gifts for a new mom can include comfortable, practical items like loungewear. New moms spend a lot of time taking care of a newborn around the clock, and comfortable, stylish lounge sets make some of the best gifts. Babies are a lot of work, and finding time to shower and put on fresh clothes can be exhausting. Giving a mom a gift set of comfortable clothes can help her remember to take care of herself too.

24. A digital photo frame

If you don't like printing photos or taking time to create a photo book, digital photo frames make excellent gifts. These digital picture frames can showcase all of the sweet pictures a mom takes of her little baby. These are versatile gifts because they can always change the pictures on display.

25. Reusable glass coffee cup

Every new mom drinks a lot of coffee. What better way to show a new mom you care than buying her a stylish and fun glass coffee cup so she can enjoy her iced drinks? Celebrate her first Mother's Day with an adorable or trendy personalized glass coffee cup.

26. Neck and shoulder back massager with heating elements 

Heating Neck Massager

The best gifts for a new mom are ones that spoil her and make her feel special. Any new mom would love a neck or back massager to help her relax after a long day of motherhood. Massagers make great gifts for new moms and help them prioritize self-care.

Celebrate her first Mother's Day with these special gifts for new mamas. 

Happy mothers day text

Celebrate the new moms in your life with one of these amazing gifts. From mom-themed jewelry, to personalized keepsakes, to practical items, to postpartum self-care items, to coffee accessories, any new mom would love one of these fantastic gift ideas. 

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