With my first baby, it seemed like the deck was stacked against me from the start. Thankfully, my breastfeeding experience with my second baby was much easier.
From hiccups, to digestion, to breathing, your little one will try out a variety of behaviors while she’s still in the womb.
Breastmilk is the best diet for your baby, especially during the first year of their life. Surprisingly, you find it challenging to breastfeed your baby because you might have some discomfort.
It took about 6 months postpartum before the first comments and inquiries about a second baby came up. I was going through so much, too much to even consider the thought for a millisecond.
If there is one thing that you should know before you begin breastfeeding your baby, it is this- every mother’s breastfeeding journey is different. You know what works well for you and your baby. That is all that matters!
Some mothers feel guilty for not breastfeeding. With campaigns like "breast is best" everywhere, the pressure presses in even further. If you can’t breastfeed for any reason, this article is here to support you!
It’s a well-known fact that breast is best. Breasts were made to feed babies, and although not every mother and baby can breastfeed or even pump, it still gives the baby the best start.
All newborns need their mother’s loving touch and nurturing support. Infants are born with an instinctive nature to find moms breast and feed, but not every child is the same. Infants are all unique and some babies will need some extra help with feeding.
A lot has happened in the world of breastfeeding over the years, but more so in the last two or so decades. As a society, our general advice, perception, and attitude toward breastfeeding have evolved in big ways.
The health of your baby depends upon your ability to produce high-quality breast milk, not to mention ensuring that you can produce enough of it. Therefore, you must do what you can to make the entire breastfeeding experience so much better by knowing what types of food can help benefit the process.

I was quite distracted by the newness of becoming a mom and the luxury of not working, but eventually I started to feel like I wasn't doing anything with my life and I wanted to contribute something monetary.


Breastfeeding your infant can protect you from several diseases that may occur after your childbearing years. Women who choose to breastfeed also have a lower risk of developing certain cancers compared to moms who opt-out. Perhaps the most immediate benefit of all is it helps you regain your body shape.

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