I have taken a pregnancy test a couple of times before, but things turned out different this time around. I didn’t wait for three minutes when I saw the color moving across the kit’s window- they were two pink lines!

Pregnancy is a labyrinth, especially for new moms. Fortunately, with enough preparation, this ordeal can be an exciting phase to cherish. Here is a mishmash of uncommon things you ought to know if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant anytime soon.

All mothers, especially new mothers-to-be, should pay serious attention to their health before, during, and after pregnancy. Postpartum Preeclampsia is a rare condition characterized by high blood pressure and high protein levels in your urine shortly after childbirth.
Bringing new life into the world isn’t easy. Certainly not so when there’s also a pandemic happening. Despite the relentless coronavirus, the birth of a new child is still a beautiful occasion.
If you’re pregnant, especially if you’re expecting your first baby, now is a great time to travel! Traveling after the baby's arrival is much more complicated, as you’ll have to bring a whole arsenal of baby gear with you and expect everything to take longer than you’re used to.
Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) can cause itchy skin rashes during pregnancy and a few weeks after childbirth.

For most of our life, we thought we didn’t want to have a child. We were about 98% sure it wasn’t for us, but that 2% expanded when we found the right partner.

Pregnancy comes with many changes hormonally and physically. The drastic drop in hormones from the time you give birth along with sleep deprivation, can make for a very emotional first week.

Understanding postpartum is important because it will help you understand what you'll be going through and prepare you mentally for all the uncertainties that you'll face.

Being a mom isn’t easy. Mothers are constantly scrutinized for almost every parenting decision they make, from small choices to big ones.
Your body goes through quite a lot after you’ve had the baby too, and not many new moms know what to expect post-delivery.
Motherhood comes with several changes and learning experiences for all women regardless of how prepared they might be.
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