Childbirth myths are rooted in cultures, traditions, superstitions, and general hearsay, and these myths have been passed down through the ages. We will take a look at seven of the more common myths related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy brings with it a series of aches and ailments, but there’s one pregnancy side effect that not many people discuss: allergies. From scratchy throats, to runny noses, to coughs and asthma, these new allergies can vary in severity.
It’s true that a virtual shower can never replace a traditional one IRL. But in order to make the most out of the current pandemic situation that has affected us globally, why not utilize the available technology?
Pregnancy can be a wonderful, exciting time for moms - but it’s also a time filled with aches and pains that you might not have experienced before! Women shouldn’t have to suffer through pregnancy, though, so here are some simple ways for dealing with common pregnancy ailments.

We’ve covered quite a few things to do in order to have THE best pregnancy you can have. Don’t let yourself feel too overwhelmed by all the to-dos and not-to-dos. You’ve got this, mama!

Getting ready before you conceive is the ultimate start to becoming a new parent. If you know the dos and don’ts, you’ll have a smooth transition from singlehood to being a full-fledged mom. 

Getting pregnant and expecting a baby is an exciting time for many women. Due dates can vary because every pregnancy is different. Some babies may arrive early, and others take their time to make their entrance.
Weight gain can be a tricky subject to tackle during pregnancy. From surviving morning sickness, to dealing with cravings and aversions, to satisfying the seemingly never-ending hunger, gaining the ideal amount of weight during pregnancy can be a difficult task.

As with tour guides in a foreign world, birth and postpartum doulas assist new families as they navigate the life-changing journey of childbirth! Numerous research studies on doula treatment show significant improvements in physical and emotional effects for both mother and infant. 

It can be hard to believe that you're carrying a child during the first stages of pregnancy when there's no visual proof just yet. A pregnancy ultrasound can put all that to rest though, as well as provide your doctor with sufficient information.

Taking prenatal vitamins may seem redundant especially if you've been eating nutritious food during pregnancy. However, you may not be getting the essential nutrients for a healthy baby, delivery and post-partum. Pregnancy care involves prenatal supplements, they give you and your baby the nutritional needs in terms of development and growth.

Knowing that you'll soon have a baby is enough to experience a flurry of emotions ranging from excitement to apprehension and happiness, among others. Sharing the news is a big deal, but how can you go about the task, and when is the best time to pop it?

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