Pregnancy changes a woman’s body in different ways. A few months after receiving your bundle of joy, you will notice some hair shedding. The thick and long hair you got when pregnant falls off in a few weeks.
The postpartum period is a very challenging time for many mothers. You should take time to care for your body by speaking with your doctor as soon as possible if any issue arises.
Choosing the right clothes goes a long way in helping you feel better about your body. The clothes must be comfy but also stylish.
"You didn't have to accept me. In fact, I am the exact opposite of what you expected and it would have been easy to blame me for the choices your son made after meeting me."
While natural birth is a safer way, some mothers undergo C-section due to unprecedented situations as a safer way to deliver their baby to avoid any further complications. 
Postpartum skin woes aren't uncommon. You can expect these not-so-pretty changes in your skin to be temporary and resolve on their own after some time, but that's not always the case.
Postpartum is a time to heal and relish in being a new mother, but transitioning into this new phase of motherhood isn’t always without its complications.
The early days of parenting are filled with worries, no matter how much you prepare yourself for mom life, parenthood can be a struggle. However, with a little patience and determination, you can practice living a less anxious life when it comes to your motherhood journey.
Most women who lead regular lives don't have lifestyles that afford weight loss so fast. The sooner women realize that this is a reality, the better they'll feel.
Different women suffer from different types of Postpartum depression problems. Each problem has its own contributing factors.
Initially, it can be a bit overwhelming to care for more than one child together. However, with some planning and help, you can deal with it in a very effective way.
Many women end up so busy in the first few weeks post-baby they end up burning out, stressed, and overly tired. One of the important but overlooked things that a new mom needs to do is find some time for taking care of herself.
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