Childbirth is a natural part of creation, and biological women alone are able and privileged to experience this phenomenal feat of bringing new life into the world. The natural process of giving birth is truly remarkable, however, medical intervention became a necessity to reduce infant mortality rates.
Labor and delivery is hard work - but it shouldn’t just be the mother’s job to bring a new baby into the world! Spouses, partners, friends, or family members can be great assistants during a mother’s labor, and it’s important to rally around a mother as she faces the momentous task of birthing a baby.

Calculating when you're going to pop isn't wholly accurate. Its main purpose is to prepare would-be mothers and give them estimated dates on the most important events- pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Bringing new life into the world isn’t easy. Certainly not so when there’s also a pandemic happening. Despite the relentless coronavirus, the birth of a new child is still a beautiful occasion.

Women have been giving birth at home since the beginning of time, and I wanted to connect to the first woman, my ancestors, and mother nature by choosing homebirth.

Pregnancy is fun time time filled with excitement and anticipation - but many expectant mothers forget one of the most important parts: labor and delivery! If you’re getting nervous about delivering your baby, follow these steps to craft a birth plan. 

Did you know that almost 1 in 3 births in the U.S. happens via C-section? Despite this growing figure, many women still report facing unnecessary pressure and judgment surrounding this surgical procedure meant to bring babies safely into the world.

Are you full-term and baby-ready? Hoping to bring on labor at home? From “pregnancy pizza” to long walks, read on to find out our readers’ best tips for jump-starting your labor safely!

For years I prayed to have the title of "mama" me and my husband tried for six years and every single month when Mother Nature rolled around I would lay in my bed and cry for hours.
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