Sweet Dreams With The KeaBabies SOOTHE Sleep Sack
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Sweet Dreams With The KeaBabies SOOTHE Sleep Sack

Every parent struggles to find the secret formula to guarantee a good night’s sleep for their baby. Help your baby get the best night of sleep possible with the all-new KeaBabies SOOTHE Sleep Sack!

Every parent struggles to find the secret formula to guarantee a good night’s sleep for their baby. Infant sleep patterns fluctuate so much during the first few years as they grow and mature. Creating a solid sleep routine is fundamental to making bedtime more relaxed and peaceful for caregivers and babies, especially from birth to six months. Help your baby get the best night of sleep possible with the all-new KeaBabies SOOTHE Sleep Sack!

SOOTHE sleep sack for babies

Following safe sleep guidelines is essential, so it is important for parents to understand how to create a sleep environment that is comfortable, soothing, and safe for their little one. The American Academy of Pediatrics is the best resource for research on safe sleep for babies, but here are some of the most important points parents should be aware of: 

  1. The baby’s sleep surface should be firm. 

  2. Babies should go to sleep on their back (or be placed in bed on their back, regardless of whether they can roll over). 

  3. Parents should optimally share a room with their infant for 6-12 months. 

  4. Co-sleeping is not recommended, nor should babies sleep on a couch or chair. 

  5. Swaddling your baby is both safe and helpful until she can roll over. 

  6. Only the baby should be in the crib - leave out any loose bedding, stuffed animals, toys, blankets, quilts, and pillows, until your little one is older. 

  7. Swaddle blankets and sleep sacks can be safely used during cool weather.

gentle on skin sleep bags

Swaddling, swaddle blankets, and sleep sacks:

You can swaddle your newborn baby using a receiving blanket or muslin blanket until she starts to roll over. Swaddling can help prevent the newborn startle reflex, which causes them to wake frequently at night during the early days. Swaddling can also provide a comfortable sensation similar to being in the womb. It can also keep your newborn warm until she is able to regulate her own body temperature. Some companies make special swaddle blankets that are designed with velcro or zippers, to help make swaddling even easier! These swaddles also ensure that your wiggly baby stays secure, all night long. 

A sleep sack looks more like a sleeping bag than a traditional baby swaddle blanket. They are sometimes referred to as “wearable blankets.” These are a great, safe alternative to swaddling and also help keep your baby warm without using dangerous blankets or too many layers of clothing. Sleep sacks are often designed with cotton or fleece to keep your baby snug and warm! The KeaBabies SOOTHE Sleep Sack is the perfect addition to your baby’s sleep routine! 

KeaBabies Sleep sack

When can you start using a sleep sack like the SOOTHE Sleep Sack? 

Parents should always stop swaddling their babies when they first start to roll over, a milestone that most babies meet around 3 to 4 months old. When babies can roll over, swaddling becomes dangerous because they won’t have control of their arms, and might roll into an unsafe position, unable to move. When your baby starts rolling, it’s time to transition to a sleep sack! 

The KeaBabies SOOTHE Sleep Sacks are versatile and come in three different sizes, so you can use them all throughout infancy and early toddlerhood! The small size fits babies ages 0-6 months old that weigh between 6-17lbs and are up to 29 inches long. The medium size fits babies 6-15 months old that weigh between 15-26lbs and are up to 34 inches tall. The largest size fits toddlers ages 15-24 months that weigh between 26-35lbs and are up to 39 inches tall. 

The KeaBabies Commitment To Provide The Best Products

Here at KeaBabies, we believe your baby deserves the very best, so we seek to provide the highest quality baby items to make your parenthood journey easier and more fulfilling. Our mission is to provide modern parents with simple ways to bond with their babies through creating wonderful moments together. We hope to design products that are affordable, useful, durable, and ensure healthy parent-child bonding. 

The KeaBabies SOOTHE Sleep Sack follows this commitment. Made from 0.5 TOG (Thermal Overall Grade), the SOOTHE Sleep Sacks are ultra-soft and lightweight, making them breathable enough to use even during warmer months. Your baby can wear pajamas underneath the sleep sack to stay comfortable and warm all night long. Aim to keep your baby’s sleep environment between 68 and 72 degrees. The sleep sacks are made from 100% global textile-certified organic cotton, providing the softest and purest touch on your baby’s delicate skin. 

KeaBabies SOOTHE sleep sack size chart

The SOOTHE Sleep Sacks are also designed for safety. Safe sleep is important for all babies! Be sure to choose the correct size for your little one to keep him cozy all night long. The sleep sack’s neckline sits comfortably below your baby’s chin to keep your baby’s airways open. The sleep sack’s zipper track is lined with a zipper guard to keep your baby from accidentally getting scratched or attempting to open the sleep sack during the night. As previously mentioned, be sure to keep all pillows, toys, blankets, sound machines, and stuffed animals out of the crib. 

The SOOTHE Sleep Sacks help make parenting a breeze! The full bottom-to-top zip function allows for easy diaper changes. Caring for your sleep sack is simple: machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low. Avoid using bleach and fabric softeners. These sleep sacks are designed to last! 

If your baby is struggling to get a good night’s sleep, try one of the KeaBabies SOOTHE Sleep Sacks to ensure a restful night for your little one! The style, comfort, and durability of these sleep sacks make them stand out from the crowd!

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Parenting is awesome. Sleep is overrated. Every day is an adventure. 

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