Sneak Peaks At Your Little One: How To Create Ultrasound Keepsakes
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Sneak Peaks At Your Little One: How To Create Ultrasound Keepsakes

Ultrasounds are often used by doctors to measure a baby’s growth, come up with a due date, analyze the baby’s limbs and organs, and look at the baby’s position and length. Cherish your ultrasound photos in an adorable way with the new KeaBabies TRIO Sonogram Frame!

Ultrasounds during pregnancy are both a useful diagnostic tool for doctors, and a wonderful way for parents to begin bonding with their baby. When the fetus is small, it can be hard to imagine what your little one looks like or how their movement is in the womb. Ultrasounds are often used by doctors to measure a baby’s growth, come up with a due date, analyze the baby’s limbs and organs, and look at the baby’s position and length. You might get frequent ultrasounds during your pregnancy, or you might only get a few, but you can cherish your ultrasound photos in an adorable way with the new KeaBabies TRIO Sonogram Frame

The anticipation of meeting your new baby intensifies throughout pregnancy. Many doctors perform a first trimester ultrasound in order to measure and date a pregnancy - and this is often love at first sight for new parents! You might even be able to see and hear your baby’s heartbeat during your first trimester ultrasound, depending on how far along you are. The excitement and anticipation of your precious little one’s arrival grows with each passing day! 

trio sonogram frame

When can I expect ultrasounds during my pregnancy? 

  • First trimester ultrasound: Most doctors perform a first trimester ultrasound between 8 and 13 weeks to measure and confirm a pregnancy. This ultrasound can be done transvaginally or abdominally, depending on how far along a woman is. Doctors measure the fetus, identify the heartbeat (if possible), and confirm the pregnancy is in the correct location. This ultrasound can also give women an accurate due date. 

  • Mid-pregnancy anatomy scan: Around 18-22 weeks, doctors perform an anatomy scan, which involves detailed measurements of the baby’s anatomy, identifies the position of the placenta, and can reveal the baby’s gender. 

  • Third trimester growth scan: Although it is not routine, some doctors perform a third trimester ultrasound to analyze the baby’s position and check that the baby is growing properly. 

  • You might have additional ultrasounds if you choose to do screenings and genetic testing, if your pregnancy is high risk, if your baby is measuring small or large for its gestational age, or if you experience bleeding or cramping. 

KeaBabies sonogram keepsake

With the KeaBabies TRIO Sonogram Frame, parents can keep this feeling alive by providing a beautiful display of your baby’s ultrasound images. Hang this elegant frame somewhere where you can view it often as you wait for your little one’s arrival. You can add photos to it as the pregnancy progresses and you get more sonogram snapshots! This photo frame features three spots for standard (3.7 inch by 2.5 inch) ultrasound photos - one for each trimester of your pregnancy. Pregnancy can feel like the longest 40 weeks of your life, and what better way to cherish the journey than with this amazing photo frame? Although pregnancy can be challenging at times, it’s all worth it in the end when you meet your precious little baby for the first time! 

The frame size is ideal for displaying anywhere in your home. It is 13.7 inches long by 6.7 inches tall, with three 3.7 inch by 2.5 inch slots for sonogram images (the standard size for ultrasound photos). Its design is modern, elegant, and gender-neutral - perfect for any nursery! It is made with a premium glass-cover front on a white wooden frame backing. It also comes in a stylish gift box, which makes it a great baby shower gift or gift for a newly-announced pregnancy! The frame also contains two cutout options for the photo captions: “1st Trimester, 2nd Trimester, 3rd Trimester” and “Coming real soon, Excited to see you” which are useful depending on what phase of pregnancy you’re in. 

KeaBabies sonogram keepsake frame

Here are some creative ideas for how to use your KeaBabies TRIO Sonogram Frame:

  • Use the photo frame for your pregnancy announcement. Create a beautiful flat lay using the photo frame and your very first sonogram images. You can include other baby items such as tiny shoes, pacifiers, bottles, rattles, stuffed animals, onesies, or a pregnancy test! To create the ideal flat lay, place the items in a bright, sunny spot in your house with a neutral colored background, like a rug or a bed sheet. Take the photo from above for an adorable angle and brighten up the picture using a photo editing app. 

  • Use the photo frame for a gender reveal. Use the frame to display images from your mid-pregnancy anatomy ultrasound to display at your gender reveal party (or use for a social media announcement photo!). You can add color, stickers, or ribbon to the frame to signify whether your baby is a boy or a girl. You can also create a beautiful flat lay by adding onesies, bows and headbands, bow ties, hats, or other accessories to reveal the gender of your new little one! 

  • Use the photo frame as the perfect gift for new parents. It can be gifted at the beginning of pregnancy, or as a baby shower gift. You can never go wrong with this classy, useful, thoughtful gift that is perfect for any parent! It comes in a modern, sleek gift box that doesn’t even require wrapping! 

  • Place the photo frame on your nightstand to create a beautiful bedside table display. Every time you climb into bed at night, you can catch a glimpse of your tiny, growing baby, and dream about what he or she will look like when they are born! 

  • The photo frame is a great addition to your baby’s nursery as you design your little one’s room at the end of your pregnancy. Gather your favorite ultrasound images from each trimester (if you have one), and hang it on the wall above your baby’s dresser or changing table. As you decorate the nursery, take some time to appreciate your body’s amazing capability to create life and let yourself daydream about what your new little baby will look like. 

  • Give the photo frame as a gift for expectant grandparents. Let your parents join in the excitement of pregnancy by giving them ultrasound images to look at and adore as they await the arrival of their new grandbaby! 

    sonogram keepsake frame

    This makes a great gift or a special keepsake for cherishing all those special moments with your little one. Try the KeaBabies TRIO Sonogram Frame today - available on our website and Amazon

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