Simple Ways to Change a Diaper On the Go When There’s No Changing Table In Sight
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Simple Ways to Change a Diaper On the Go When There’s No Changing Table In Sight

Want to make on-the-go diaper changes a breeze? With KeaBabies products and these tips, you can be prepared for diaper changes in no time!

As parents, we've all had similar experiences: Your baby has a dirty diaper, so you grab your diaper bag and try to find the nearest restroom, only for there to be no changing table available. If you're a busy parent who is always on the go, you'll want to make changing your baby's diaper as simple as possible, no matter where you are! Thankfully, with the amazing diaper-changing products from KeaBabies, changing diapers can be easy, no matter where your day takes you.

Tips for making public diaper changes easier: 

getting ready for diaper change on the go

1. Ask somebody where they'd suggest taking babies who need a diaper change. 

If you can't find a diaper changing station nearby, ask an employee or someone around you where they'd suggest changing a baby's diaper. If you're stuck in a store and need a place to do a quick diaper change, chances are a store employee will be able to point out a few key locations. Others have probably found themselves in a similar situation before!

2. Take the baby to your car. 

taking baby on a car for diaper change

When there's no change table in sight, try your car's back seat! All you need is a flat spot to create space for your baby to lie down to create a great car diaper-changing station.

The KeaBabies Ezee Changing Mat is the perfect item for busy parents. This compact diaper changing station features a detachable mat, compact size, quality padded foam, and detachable straps. This is a must-have item for giving a clean diaper when you're out.

Going to the car can sometimes be even better than using a restroom changing table, because you'll have more room and more privacy. Be sure to pack an extra diaper or two, wipes, and waste bags for car diaper changes.

3. Find a private grassy area where your baby can lie down for a diaper change. 

changing baby diaper in a park

If it's weather-appropriate, a grassy area can create a great mobile changing station for diapering emergencies. The grass is soft for your baby, and you can use a portable changing pad or make one out of paper towels or an old towel if you have any in your car.

Be sure to keep an extra changing pad in your car if you need to change your child on the floor or ground.

4. Take over a bathroom sink!

When all else fails, you can change baby's diaper on the bathroom sink. While it's absurd that restrooms wouldn't have changing tables these days, you never know!

If you're in a public restroom, you might have to choose between the counter/sink and the floor. If the sink area isn't crowded, you can probably set up near the sink. Babies really don't need that much space when you change them, and having them on a raised surface is probably a bit easier than changing them on the floor (plus, the floor is probably much dirtier!).

5. Recline your stroller. 

diaper change in a reclined stroller

Having a stroller that completely reclines might become the ultimate lifesaver when it comes to serious diapering emergencies! Simply recline it as much as it goes, lay baby down!

If you're in the middle of a crowded space like the mall, a zoo, or restaurant, you can simply wheel your baby to somewhere more secluded and change them in the stroller. This isn't always ideal, and can be messy - so be sure to always have extra wipes on hand.

6. Find a changing area. 

diaper changing stations

If you're out shopping somewhere with changing rooms, these can make great spaces to change your little one. A changing room is often quiet and private - just what parents need for a quick diaper change on the go.

Don't let employees make you feel bad about this - parents need space to change their little ones, and as long as you clean up after yourself, there is nothing wrong with changing your baby in a dressing room.

7. Change your baby on your lap.

Isn't parenthood often about our inability to control battles? If you can't find a changing table or a safe space to change your little one, you can simply lay them on a blanket or towel on your lap and change them there.

Your baby might get fussy when being changed in less than ideal environments. Make diaper changing easier on you and your baby by not letting a simple process escalate. Do whatever you can to entertain your baby and distract them: act supremely goofy, create a game, have a fun exchange, or sing a goofy diaper changing song. With your child distracted, they might stay calm!

Changing A Dirty Diaper In The Car: 

changing baby diaper in car

 When changing tables aren't readily available, many parents set up makeshift stations in their vehicle! You can change your child in your car's backseat or trunk, depending on space.

Having a makeshift stations set for changing diapers in the car can also be super helpful during a road trip. You might not always have access to a rest stop or somewhere to pull over and find a changing table, so having necessary items in the car already can keep it from becoming a big deal.

You'll want to keep these supplies on hand to change baby's diaper in the car:

  • A couple diapers

  • A small package of wipes

  • A bag for wet clothes or soiled clothes

  • Zip top plastic bags for clothes or disposing of dirty diapers

  • A soft pad/DIY changing pad

  • Fun activities or toys to keep your baby distracted while you change them

What makes the KeaBabies Ezee Changing Pad unique? 

KeaBabies Ezee Diaper Pad

The Keababies Ezee Changing Pad is the perfect accessory for any busy parent! This slim, lightweight, and compact diaper changing pad is an essential baby gear item for the modern mom or dad. It comes with a detachable strap, so you can hang it on your arm or attach it to the stroller.

This modern, versatile changing mat is making on-the-go changes easier for everyone. Folded up, it looks like an everyday handbag, but this functional piece unfolds to become the perfect mat for diaper changing. This versatile mat will last from baby to toddler and is great to add to your car emergency kit or store in the glove compartment.

It even has a padded pillow for your baby's comfort. The zipper compartment is ideal for storing wipes and diaper cream. Its waterproof surface makes for easy cleaning.

It folds up to become so compact it can easily fit in a full diaper bag!

Changing diapers on the go is a breeze with a little help from KeaBabies. 

changing diaper using KeaBabies Ezee Diaper Pad

Making on-the-go diaper changes easier on everyone is possible with the KeaBabies changing mats. This versatile mat makes diaper changing simple and quick, can be used in multiple places, and is easy to store in the car or your diaper bag.

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