Parenting & Starting a Business
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Parenting & Starting a Business

Starting a business when you're not a parent opens up a box of challenges. Starting one when you've got a little one is like having to open two boxes simultaneously. Surprise! 

Starting a business when you're not a parent opens up a box of challenges. Starting one when you've got a little one is like having to open two boxes simultaneously. Surprise! 

However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't or can't begin a business if you're a mom or dad. In fact, many parents rev up a side hustle because of becoming a parent. So, shout-out to all the little ones who inspired new businesses! You've made parenting life for many so much easier. 

Still, your business idea doesn't need to be anything related to parenting. Maybe you're like me and you've always aspired to make home-cooked vegan foods that highlight plants in their glory. No? Okay, okay. 

Well, maybe you've wanted to start something in the fitness industry, open a boutique, make videos, shoot professional photography, or something else that fills your soul. 

No matter your cup of tea, I'm here to support you! KeaBabies was founded by a mother and supports moms like me with a love of writing (also a side business I finally got serious about in 2020).

Here are my three (3) best tips for being a parent and a businessperson:

Tip 1: Let Your Child Participate 

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Wanting your business to be your own thing away from the family may be something you want. I understand, but the truth is that a choice such as having a business will affect your loved ones in some way. It can be anything from taking time from the family to put in the hours, or making more money that can affect the family's lifestyle. 

Whatever the outcome of entrepreneurship, including your child to participate in some way will demonstrate so much to them. For example, with our food business, our 2.5 years old son tastes almost everything we make (he can handle some spicy foods but not all, for example). I remember the day he proclaimed, "wow, good!" without prompt after tasting one of my meals. It warmed my heart because kids are picky eaters. 

So look for ways to include your child. Maybe they can be the subject of your early photography business or perhaps they can help you with a yoga routine for kids. Plus, they'll get to spend quality time with you doing something you love. That is definitely a great perk standard jobs don't offer. 

Tip 2: Talk About the Business Aspects

Sharing some of the parts of the whole of your business is one way to take including your kiddo to the next step. You don't have to get too technical or explain everything, but you can share information about what you're doing.

With us, we tell our son why we're cooking: "today we're cooking for the community because it's one way we can share doing something we love with everyone". When we make a sale, it's not hard to say, "this wonderful lady is exchanging her money for our food like when we go to the grocery store and give them money for their food". We've even counted money together with our son (an excellent way to practice numbers, too).

These little explanations are like self-starter seeds being planted without force or schooling. Your child will learn a little bit about how to start and manage a business just from these seemingly small conversations. Most of all, they'll get to experience you in a leadership role. That’s sure to make any kid proud of you no matter what age they are.

Tip 3: Strive for Balance

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The reason almost all of us parents decide to be business owners is to spend more time with our family, even if that means working with them. It can definitely boost the relationship to have a working dynamic, too. 

In all of this, we're seeking balance between entrepreneurship and family time, especially time that isn't related to working. Balance will always be something to work on. One week you'll do everything right to keep peace between the two worlds, and the next you may need to spend more time working.

If you're getting it right some of the time and you're always willing to keep getting better, you're on the right track. Balance doesn't mean perfection. Strive to keep your intentions in alignment and you'll find success. 


If you have a business, congrats on getting started. If you're just starting, your initiative is inspiring. If you're thinking of getting started, it's only a matter of time before you get your moment. 

No matter where you are on the entrepreneur spectrum, you should feel proud of yourself for moving towards what feels good for you and your family. Best wishes!

Meet Our KeaMommy Contributor: Nadia Rumbolt

Nadia Rumbolt is a mom of many trades, including creative writing, blogging, van life, minimalism, veganism, the beach, nature, and the occult.

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