Making Your Little Boy’s OOTD On Point
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Making Your Little Boy’s OOTD On Point

Although the baby girl clothing section usually eclipses the baby boy options, there are still plenty of great ways to style your little boy! 

Having a little boy means lots of exploring, adventures, and fun! Although the baby girl clothing section usually eclipses the baby boy options, there are still plenty of great ways to style your little boy! From the “little man” look to the traditional pastel blues and yellows, to the flannel and jeans casual look, to bright and bold colors, there’s always a way to make your little one stand out from the crowd! Take a look at these ideas we’ve compiled for options for everyday looks and portrait-ready outfits!

Top Baby Boy Style Trends

1. Traditional

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Some parents skip the latest fashion trends and opt for traditional baby boy clothing. Traditional baby boy clothing is filled with light pastel colors like baby blue and soft yellow, and bright hues of red, green, yellow, and blue. Patterns usually include stripes, geometric shapes, and typical “boy” interests such as cars, trains, airplanes, dinosaurs, and sports. There’s nothing wrong with going the traditional route - these clothes are usually adorable and easy to find in stores!

2. Preppy

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Want to make sure your little one looks like he’s ready for the golf course or a day at the country club? Do you love those “dressed up” styles? You may favor the “preppy” look for your little boy. This style is filled with collared shirts, checkered shorts, and nice tennis shoes. Typical preppy colors include light blue, pale pink, khaki, and crisp white. These clothes usually don’t have bright colors or busy patterns. Some accessories perfect for this look are sunglasses, belts, knit vests, and bow ties. Throw in a pair of brown, white, or black shoes and your little boy will be ready to go!

3. Trendy

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Maybe you’re bored of the traditional baby blues and pale yellows, and want to try the latest trends and styles? There are a lot of ideas online and in magazines! One current trend is the t-shirt or tank top with a bold saying on it, paired with a crisp pair of jeans or a patterned bottom. Trendy shoes in baby sizes are also really popular right now, even if your baby isn’t walking yet! You can also play around with skinny or distressed jeans. 

4. Lumberjack

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The lumberjack look is trending these days. This style is filled with plaid, straight-leg jeans, overalls, and beanies. This laid-back look is super cute for little boys! Pair a red and black plaid shirt with a comfy pair of jeans, a light gray beanie, some brown boots, and maybe a pair of suspenders, and your little boy will be ready to rock this trend! This look is great for fall, as these prints and colors are typically in stores this time of year! 

5. Little Man 

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One of the cutest looks for your sweet boy is the “little man” style! Dress your little one up to match Daddy and he’ll be all smiles! There are plenty of ways to dress your baby boy like a little man - accessorize with ties and bow ties, find little baseball hats to support your family’s favorite teams, grab a few muscle tanks and V-neck shirts, and finish off with some slacks and dress shoes. Your boy will look like a style icon in no time!

6. Bright And Bold

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One of the most intriguing looks gaining more popularity are the bright and bold colors and patterns. From rainbows to neons, stripes to geometric patterns, catchy prints to edgy sayings, you can help your little boy stand out from the crowd! Don’t be afraid to mix colors and prints that wouldn’t normally go together - you can let your boy set the new trend! Remember, KeaBabies Bandana Bibs sets come in many patterns and colors - perfect for your bold little boy! 


How To Get Photo Shoot Ready

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  • Make sure you try the outfit on your child before the photoshoot! You’ll want to make sure things fit just right, and nothing about it bothers your baby too much or is uncomfortable. 

  • Don’t schedule a photoshoot during your baby’s regular sleepy times, or right after he has woken up. Try to aim for at least one hour after he’s been awake, and an hour before his next nap time. 

  • Choose fun props that aren’t complicated to assemble or move. You’ll want to be able to add them to the scene easily, so your baby doesn’t get distracted. 

  • If you are photographing a newborn, make sure the room is extra warm and comfortable!

  • For the best pictures, try to keep your baby’s outfit simple. Avoid bold prints, and stick to neutral colors. Add fun accessories like a bow tie, headband, or nice shoes for the finishing touch! 

  • Lastly, have a lot of patience! Sometimes babies don’t want to cooperate, or become anxious and refuse to smile or look at the camera. Try to bring along a few toys to get baby excited, and remain positive and calm. The more your baby sees you calm and relaxed, the easier it will be to get some great pictures!


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