KeaParent Feature: Hanna Kananovich
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KeaParent Feature: Hanna Kananovich

Today, we're introducing our lovely KeaMommy, Hanna and her beautiful family!  Name: Hanna Kananovich State/City: Hawaii, Waianae  Children's Name...

Today, we're introducing our lovely KeaMommy, Hanna and her beautiful family! 


Name: Hanna Kananovich

State/City: Hawaii, Waianae 

Children's Names: Myron and Damian

Children's Ages: 2 years and 7 months

Share with us about your daily life, what is it like? 

I spend the whole day with my children, they are my energy and strength. As a mom to them, I am their whole world. At this moment, they really need me around. We learn and grow together every day, and they also teach me a lot of things.

What was it like: life with a newborn just after birth? Any challenges or struggles that you faced, if so, how did you deal with it? 

As soon as my children were born, I was filled with happiness and euphoria, and still am. And I am sure it will be so all my life. I was born to be a mother. Being a mom brings me a lot of joy. I feel like a happy woman. Yes, sometimes there are difficulties, difficulties with upbringing, nutrition, children are often capricious, and this makes me nervous. Sometimes they need moral support, but I have them, and their smile is everything to me. I have two sons and I want more!

Share with us your favorite KeaBabies product! 

I love your products! After giving birth, the Postpartum Recovery Belt really helped me a lot.

Hardest part about parenthood? 

Tolerance. You need to educate yourself, and not your children, because they learn from us and will be like us!

Best part about parenthood? 

To see my children happy, their emotions and smiles are the best thing in life! I am happy to see myself in my children and to live my childhood with them again! I enjoy hearing them learn and speak every new word, and watching them learn every new skill.

What do you love doing with your kids? Favorite pastime, activity? 

We love taking our daily walks, going to the ocean - they really like to frolic in the water. We also like learn new things everyday, I love hanging out and playing with my children!

3 most important things you’d like to share about parenthood, what you’ve learnt and what advice would you give to other new parents or parents-to-be: 

There are no perfect families. You will always be the best parent for your child. Don't be afraid of becoming a parent! You will find happiness. There is no need to wait for something, if God gives you a child, God will give everything you need for a child!

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