How To Use A Baby Wrap: Simple Step by Step Instructions
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How To Use A Baby Wrap: Simple Step by Step Instructions

Got a new KeaBabies Wrap Carrier? Read this article, and then head to the KeaBabies website for amazing tutorials!

Babes love being close to their caregivers, and although it might seem like this tough phase will never end, there are many ways to make your life easier as a new parent! Using a baby wrap carrier can help keep baby close while leaving parents free to use their hands! Although many brands make wrap carriers (Moby, Infantino, Baby K'tan, and more), the KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier is unmatched! This is one of the best baby carriers on the market and its popularity is no surprise.

Learning how to use an infant wrap carrier like the KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier can be a breeze once you read some instructions and watch quality tutorial videos! Babies love infant carriers, and soft wrap carriers create a sense of security and comfort for little ones as they rest close to their loving caregiver.

Putting On Your KeaBabies Wrap 


If this is your first time using an infant carrier, grab a mirror and practice a few times without the baby first!

To start, locate the middle of the wrap. You can find it by finding the KeaBabies tag. Place the tag against your stomach, and wrap the fabric around your waist so it's tight. Pull each side towards your back. Cross the straps behind your back, making an "x" shape.

Bring the wrap behind you, make an X, and bring it over your shoulders. 

Mother wrapping sling for baby

Bring both ends over your shoulders, and then take both ends and tuck them through the front under the KeaBabies logo. Take opposite ends and cross them over behind your back, and then tie it in a double knot behind your back (or bring it to the front to tie if there is a lot of fabric left).

Now you're ready to carry your baby!

putting the baby in a sling wrap

Hold your baby with one hand over your shoulder, and gently move the baby's leg into the side of the wrap closest to your body. Repeat this process for the other side. Spread the wrap's fabric under your baby's bottom, remembering to support your baby's bottom with one hand at all times.

Then, put your baby's legs under the portion of the wrap with the tag. Pull this piece up over your baby's back and shoulders. Take your time, and watch to make sure each knee is supported by the wrap (you don't want your baby's knees to dangle).

Your baby's body should be high enough that you can lean down and kiss their head. Keep your baby close to you, and make sure the wrap is tight and secure enough so that they don't hang or slide down your body over time. Your baby's face (especially their nose and mouth) should be in view at all times for safety.

Don't Feel Overwhelmed About How to Baby Wrap

Using a wrap carrier to carry your baby might be overwhelming at first. It won't take long for you to lean how to use it with ease! These wraps are designed with parents in mind, and babywearing is a wonderful way to bond with your little one while remaining hands-free!

You can easily learn to use baby carriers by using tutorials and support groups online. Watch a video or two on the KeaBabies YouTube channel, and join a community of parent subscribers on Facebook or Instagram.

Note your baby's age and size.

Not all carriers are created equal, and not all holds are applicable to all ages. For example, the newborn hug hold is best for young infants, but different holds are suitable for older, bigger babies. Be sure to check out the manufacturer's website for more information.

Always remember to follow safe babywearing protocol: think T.I.C.K.S. 

secure and proper babywearing

Tight fabric.

In view at all times.

Close enough to kiss.

Keep the chin off the chest.

Support their back and neck.

If you decide to wear your baby, always be sure to create a situation where your baby is happy and safe! 

Using a baby wrap is the best kind of babywearing for little ones! 

babywearing made easy

The KeaBabies Wrap Carrier is the perfect way to keep your little one safe and secure. If you feel lost when it comes to babywearing, be sure to watch a video tutorial on the KeaBabies website or subscribe to the YouTube channel! Babies absolutely love being close to their caregivers in the KeaBabies wrap

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