How to Go Camping with a Baby
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How to Go Camping with a Baby

Learning how to go camping with a baby is easier than you think! This blog post will teach you all the basics of camping with your little one, from organizing gear to getting them used to being outdoors.

Learning how to go camping with a baby is easier than you think! This blog post will teach you all the basics of camping with your little one, from organizing gear to getting them used to being outdoors. If you're looking for some fun activities for your next trip, check out these family-friendly outdoor activities that are perfect for babies and kids. Be sure to take extra precautions when it's time to put down their pack n' play or tent - there are many things they could be exposed to that could make them sick if not treated properly. Trust me, I know firsthand what happens when they get dirty!

Can I go camping with a baby?

camping with baby

Camping is a wonderful method to get away from it all because there are so many benefits. The freedom of camping with a baby, on the other hand, takes outdoor adventure to a whole new level! Because your infant can't be exposed to the fresh air from 9-5 while tent camping or burned and baked by the sun, you'll naturally want to stay closer to home after they go down at night. However, if you've never tent camped before, you may not be aware of some basic camping principles that could make traveling with a baby much more comfortable.

Before heading out for camping with a baby, make sure your equipment is well organized. When camping with a baby, you'll want to be sure everything has its place and nothing gets lost or misplaced since it might be difficult to re-pack the car after camping with your infant.

You may also want to camp with your baby when it's warm enough outside to keep him or her comfortable. You can use an equipment like a camping cot to ensure that you and your child sleep well while outdoors.

It's okay to go camping with a baby

Even though there may be concerns about having a baby around at the campground, it's actually safe and beneficial if they're properly cared for. It's important that you bring along everything your baby needs in order to stay happy and healthy while out on day trips or camping excursions. If you know what you need to provide for them before going camping then nothing will stop you from enjoying time outdoors with your child.

Camping is not recommended for infants under 3 months old

Even though camping may be fun, it may not be the best idea for babies that are less than 3 months old.

Camping with a baby under 3 months old can be dangerous since they don't have any immunity to the outside environment. If you're planning to go at high altitudes or in areas where there are bears, then it's best not to take the baby along with since their immune systems aren't fully developed yet.

Tips for Camping With a Baby

The following are some helpful tips to consider while camping with a new baby.

  • Choose a camping spot that is close to home, so you can take the baby home if needed.
  • Bring along an extra set of clothes for the baby, just in case they have any accidents or spills during your excursion.
  • If you're going to be sleeping outdoors then bring along a mosquito net so that they won't get bitten by bugs at night.  
  • Don't forget about sunscreen! Even though your baby may have naturally dark skin, it's still important to protect their skin from harmful UV rays since babies are more susceptible to burns than adults.      
  • Be sure to research the area before going camping. For example, if the area has a lot of wildlife then you'll need to be extra careful about food storage.
  • Research which medications are safe for your baby and what kinds of dangers they may pose as well.  
  • So it won't seem so daunting, go on day excursions so that your baby will get used to being out in nature before going camping overnight.

Top 7 Places to Camp With an Infant

If you're not sure where to go camping with a baby, then these seven locations are some of the best places for first-time parents.

1. Griffith Park Campgrounds: This campground offers day use and overnight camping space that is filled with various activities such as hiking and biking trails, as well as picnic areas and playgrounds.

2. Lassen Volcanic National Park: Located in Northern California, this location offers excellent views of volcanoes and forests while setting camp near Redding or Chester.

3. Joshua Tree National Park: With over 600,000 acres to explore, this camping destination is perfect for families looking to immerse themselves in nature without traveling very far from home.

4. San Elijo State Beach Campgrounds: Located by the Pacific Ocean, this camping site is perfect for families looking to explore the California coastline.  

5. Big Basin Redwoods State Park: This state park offers a variety of campsites and activities such as hiking trails and creek access.

6. Catalina Island: Although this island requires a ferry ride in order to get there, it's well worth it since you can go on exciting adventures such as ATV riding and snorkeling among sharks and rays.

7. Morena District Campground: Set along Morena Boulevard just behind Seaworld's parking lot, you'll find some of the most peaceful camping spots in San Diego

What do I need for camping with a baby?

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If you want to go camping with a baby then here are some camping essentials that you will need:

  • A camping cot or crib: it's highly recommended that you use a travel crib like the Babies R Us Ultralight Crib because they're easy to put up and take down - even if it is dark out;
  • A camping stroller: compact strollers provide a place to put your baby where they can survey their surroundings and you can keep an eye on them as well as push them around as needed;
  • Baby camping gear: don't forget to bring gear for babies, such as toys , diaper bags and outdoor clothing;
  • A playpen: camping playpens provide a place to put your baby that still allows them some freedom and room to move around while you attend to other things to sort;
  • A camping chair for parents: if you're on a ca with a baby then chances are that camping will be difficult and require all of your attention, so having a camping chair like the Coleman Portable Camping and Sports Chair will allow you to relax at the campsite so that you don't feel as rushed and hurried.

How to Plan your Camping with Baby

Family camping with baby

Camping with babies can be quite a challenge, so it's best to plan ahead before going out on day trips or camping excursions.


Make sure you have enough food for your entire camping trip in order to avoid having to leave the campground in search of healthier meals. Before heading out, make sure you get all the necessary supplies such as charcoal and lighter fluid, bug spray and sunscreen, paper towels and aluminum foil. As far as food goes, make sure that you bring along something like hot dogs for grilling since they can easily be cooked over an open fire without needing to bring extra pots and pans. If you're planning on cooking hamburgers, then it's best to bring along a cast-iron skillet so you can cook them right over the fire.


Since you'll be exposed to the elements, it's best to pack for all kinds of weather conditions so you can stay warm during chilly nights or cool off under the hot sun without having to waste time trying to find suitable clothes throughout your trip.


If you're camping in an area that has heavy rainfall or strong winds, then bring along extra tarps and ropes for securing your shelter against strong gusts of wind. Most tents come with guy-lines attached, but it's still smart to bring extra cord for tying down your tent since even the strongest material may not be enough during harsh weather conditions.


Make sure you take along everything you'll need to make yourself feel clean and refreshed while camping such as baby wipes and dry shampoo. It's also important that you bring along extra containers in case you need to dispose of dirty diapers.


If you're out somewhere that doesn't offer anything for children, then make sure you bring along plenty of toys and activities for entertaining them while sitting around the campfire or waiting in line at the bathroom. Items like coloring books, crayons and games are great ideas to keep your baby occupied during their time outdoors.


Since this is something babies will need to be doing quite frequently while camping, it's best to bring along an extra change of clothes in case they become too dirty after using the restroom outside. Bring along a thick blanket or towel since the ground can be cold and damp.

Scavenger Hunt

To help pass the time, create an outdoor scavenger hunt using rocks, sticks and pine cones instead of food items like in traditional games of hide-and-go-seek or tag. This is great way to keep your little one entertained while out in nature instead of focusing on all of the things that will be going wrong.


Bring along plenty of bug spray since camping insects can be more bothersome than the ones you find indoors. This is due to the fact that they are stronger outside and also because there's usually less light for them to hide in at night when they come out to feed, making it easier for you to see them biting your baby's skin which makes it harder for you to ignore the problem.


It's critical that you bring along extra flashlights in case your regular flashlight fails or runs out of batteries, allowing you to continue playing with your baby after dark. Also, double-check that all of the lights have brand-new batteries.

First Aid Kit

It's important to bring a first-aid kit since camping mishaps are all too frequent, especially with so many places for your baby to trip and scrape their knees. Make sure it contains bandages, ointment, extra gauze squares, and tape.

Before going camping again, remember what you brought along the last time to make sure you have everything you need next time.

Know how to take care of baby camping needs

If you're going camping with a baby then it's important that you know how to take care of their needs while outdoors. You need to be confident in your ability to keep the baby warm at night, as well as calm and happy throughout the day.  

It's always better to bring along too much stuff rather than not enough when going camping with a baby since you don't want them crying throughout the trip. When you're camping with a new baby, then it may be difficult to predict what they will need on a daily basis, so having an extra set of everything is recommended.

After camping with a baby for some time, then you'll probably have an idea of what you can leave behind and what's needed.

When going camping for the first time then bring along anything that you could possibly need, even if it's just in case. After camping numerous times with your child, then you'll learn what they enjoy doing when outdoors and which items are useful to keep around during these activities. For example, if your baby loves playing in sandboxes, then bring along sand toys so that they don't get bored while at the campground.  

How do I keep my baby warm at night while camping?

Keeping baby warm

If you're camping in a place where it can get very cold at night then a camping heater will make everything better. Camping heaters not only keep your tent area warm, but also help to prevent hypothermia by keeping you and your baby warm.

Black and Decker camping heaters will provide you and everyone else at the campsite with an individual source of heat so that they can keep themselves warm while camping in colder weather.

Camping heater also helps reduce the amount of time you spend gathering firewood, which may be hard while on a campsite with a baby.

Packing extra clothes for camping with a baby

It's inconvenient to change a baby's clothes while camping, but NOT bringing an extra set is considerably more difficult.

It may be a good idea to bring along an extra set of clothes for the baby when going camping since they'll probably have dirty clothes from playing in the dirt. If you know your baby, then you'll know what type of clothes to pack when going camping with a baby so that they can play as much as possible while outdoors.

Bringing an extra change of clothes ensures that if the baby gets messy or wet, then they won't have to walk around camp with dirty clothing all day long. Also, you should bring along some warm sleeping outfits instead of traditional ones so that your child doesn't get cold at night while sleeping under the stars.

Mealtimes while tenting or car camping with a baby might be challenging. When you're camping, you'll need to bring everything from the tents, including bibs, in order to maintain your child's clothing clean and dry regardless of how much they drool or spill food and water on themselves. KeaBabies Urban Drool Bibs offer full-torso coverage for your infant, allowing you to avoid changing clothes as frequently as possible.

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Final Words

Even though camping is generally safe for babies, you should always do your research beforehand so that nothing will ruin your family's trip. Enjoy yourself! If you're afraid that something might go wrong then don't bother leaving home since this could impact the baby psychologically (e.g., if they get too attached to you then being away from you for extended periods of time could lead to behavioral problems).

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