How Can Babywearing Benefit Dads?
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How Can Babywearing Benefit Dads?

Here at KeaBabies, we love seeing new mamas wear their babies. But did you know that babywearing has countless benefits for dads, too? Read the article above and see if you can convince your significant other to participate in babywearing with you! 

You’ve probably seen countless pictures of new moms wearing their babies. You know that babywearing benefits a baby’s social and emotional development, and aids in breastfeeding. You know that it adds a convenience factor in life because you can regain control of both hands, making it perfect for multitasking. You know that babywearing soothes and calms babies who experience colic.

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But did you know that babywearing also has a ton of benefits for dads? 

1. Father/Infant Bonding

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A mother carries a baby for nine months in her own body. That gives her a nine-month head start in bonding with her baby. For fathers, the true “daddy duty” comes into play only after their baby is born. Babywearing can be a wonderful way for newborns to experience the warmth and closeness he experiences with his mother while he is in the womb. Babies love to be snuggled up to caregivers - so try letting Daddy take a turn wearing your baby, and see how the baby reacts. Soon, the baby will learn to recognize his dad’s smell, body temperature, and temperament. Babywearing can help a baby regulate body temperature too, so babywearing is an easy way for new dads to make sure their little one stays safe and warm during cold weather.

2. Burning Calories 

Most men like to work out to stay in shape. Babywearing can actually burn calories, too! As your baby grows and becomes heavier, men will become stronger as their muscles strengthen to accommodate the growing child. Dads can also babywear and go on walks, hikes, or laps around the mall while Mama does her shopping. 

3. Convenience Of Feeding

You may have heard that you can breastfeed while babywearing, but you can also have someone give a baby a bottle. Simply adjust the hold position so that your baby is upright and slightly reclined, and Dad can give the baby a bottle while you’re on the go!

4. Hands-Free Multitasking 

Dads can get so much done while babywearing! They can take a phone call, type an email, wash the dishes, vacuum the room, tidy up the table, go on a walk, and more! If your spouse struggles with the baby-on-the-hip technique, babywearing might be a good solution. Moms aren’t the only ones that need to learn to multitask when a new baby arrives. Dads can multitask with ease if they learn to wear their babies in an infant carrier. 

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5. Gives Tired Moms A Break 

Let’s face it - new moms need a break! It’s hard to be a caretaker 100% of the time - feeding, changing diapers, cleaning, wiping spills, doing laundry, rocking, singing, cooking, tidying, organizing, shopping - the list goes on. Newborns and many older babies love close connection with a caregiver and crave close physical contact. Dads can wear their babies so Mama can have a break! Babywearing is soothing to little ones, so they might be happier letting Mama out of their sight a little longer if they’re being worn in a carrier. 

6. Puts Baby To Sleep 

Babies love to be close to their caregivers. Even though they spent 9 months in Mama’s body, they still love snuggling next to Dad as well. Babies thrive when they have close physical contact with a gentle caregiver. Babywearing gives dads a chance to help put the baby to sleep because the motion is so soothing for little ones. Moms are terrific at putting babies to sleep because they’re often breastfeeding or giving baby a bottle, so naturally it’s easier for them to help baby drift off to sleep. It can be difficult for new dads to insert themselves into the sleep routine. Babywearing is a great way for dads to learn how to rock their babies to sleep without coming up with a complicated routine. 

7. Helps Ease Gas and Colic 

The position and motion of babywearing are extremely beneficial for babies that struggle with gas and colic. The “M” leg position can help a baby pass gas without pain and help wiggle out any air bubbles. Babywearing is also wonderful for babies who experience colic and seem to need to be held all the time. 

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