Hear Ye! A Baby on The Way
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Hear Ye! A Baby on The Way

Knowing that you'll soon have a baby is enough to experience a flurry of emotions ranging from excitement to apprehension and happiness, among others. Sharing the news is a big deal, but how can you go about the task, and when is the best time to pop it?

Knowing that you'll soon have a baby is enough to experience a flurry of emotions ranging from excitement to apprehension and happiness, among others.

Would-be parents usually hug each other and jump around for a few minutes after learning that the pregnancy test is positive. Then, you'll usually have to brainstorm how to make the announcement to your partner, family members, close friends or parents.

Sharing the news is a big deal, but how can you go about the task, and when is the best time to pop it?

When is the Best Time to Make a Pregnancy Announcement?

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It's only natural to break the news first to your partner or spouse. Other than waiting for an intimate moment, you can make a spectacle out of it depending on you and your partner's tastes.

Then, the next ones to know are usually close friends and family members. Afterwards, it will quickly spread to acquaintances, relatives and eventually your whole social circle.

The best time to break the news would be a staggered announcement, with the most intimate people being the first to know. It spreads outward in a circle, and each group will have different announcement dates.

Your Family 

Pregnancy is often delightful news for parents of pregnant mothers and would-be fathers, and they'll want to be the first to know. Depending on how close you are to your siblings and parents, there are several ways and themes you can touch upon.

Close Friends 

After family it's time to tell your closest friends. News will usually spread like wildfire, so do a pre-emptive strike and announce on social media.

The type of announcement will also depend- it may be different for your spouse, your family and your social circle. Usually a photo of an ultrasound is enough to let everyone know on social media.

Your Employer 

Don't forget that you'll also have to break the news to your employer for professional reasons. During times when you need time off or when you're taking parental leave, they won't be surprised and can even allow you to ease up your work, especially if it involves a bit of heavy or strenuous activity.

Should You Tell Early or Wait?

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Telling your pregnancy early can provide you with support sooner, and you'll be able to get the weight off compared to waiting later. The earlier people know, the more they can help. Also, you'll be able to ask questions regarding pregnancy (especially if it's your first time) from those who've experienced it already.

However, breaking the news too early can lead to noise, and some people may know from other sources.

Waiting and announcing your pregnancy after the first prenatal visit will have its own merits as well. You'll have more time to prepare and take it all in. You and your partner will also be more comfortable, and you can make the decisions without opposing opinions.

However, late news can mean little to no support. There's also a chance your family and close friends may find out from other sources and may feel hurt or alienated.

What Are Some Cute Things You Can Do To Announce Your Pregnancy?

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Milestone moments call for creative thinking so it becomes more memorable. You can choose from the following to get the ideas flowing:

Post a Photo on Social Media. Some of the most common post announcements include a photo of your baby bump or the first ultrasound. You can try for a cute and artsy announcement by making a heart sign with your hands above your belly.

A Sonogram Frame. Sonogram frames are perfect for gender reveal parties and pregnancy announcements. It's simple, yet perfectly encapsulates the joy of discovering that you're pregnant. It's sturdy and portable enough that you can place it in any room or table and can serve as the perfect gift for would-be parents.

​​​​​​Door Hanger. A door hanger put over hospital doors, in front of your baby room and during baby showers add a bit of fun into the mix.

Statement Shirt. Statement t-shirts say it all. You can choose to put it in text, image or a cryptographic message. Here, you have complete freedom on how you want to break the baby news.

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