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Family First

Blog Post By KeaMommy: Amy Jossie My first pregnancy was a breeze. No complications, I could hardly tell I was pregnant besides the basketball und...

Blog Post By KeaMommy: Amy Jossie

My first pregnancy was a breeze. No complications, I could hardly tell I was pregnant besides the basketball under my shirt. I was happy, never sick, slept great. It was fantastic! I thought that was how every pregnancy would be. Hate to break it to you, past Amy, that’s not reality at all. 

Fast forward to future Amy, 22 years old, newly married to the most amazing man. That little baby I once knew has turned into a beautiful little girl almost 5 years old! Now I also have a fantastic step-daughter, Khloe Jane, who knows exactly what I need to smile and will never turn down “chocolate bread” (brownies.)

A few weeks into marriage, I started having the worst nausea & stomachaches first thing in the morning. I thought it was from not eating enough for dinner so I started to pack my dinners FULL of protein, veggies, pasta, anything that would keep my stomach satisfied through the night. 

W R O N G !!!! I was pregnant! My husband and I discussed wanting more kids together but not for a while since we wanted to focus on our fresh off the boat marriage & our beautiful daughters. When we found out about my pregnancy, we were thrilled then at the same time stressed! We knew the costs of raising a baby, a toddler, a big girl. It’s not a walk in the park, people! 

I was very sick with our Hope Michelle. We thought she MUST be a boy or twins or an alien or SOMETHING because my pregnancy with Violet was so drastically different. I couldn’t eat without vomiting, the only foods that stayed down for a month were green beans and fresh cut mango. Not the worst, however, now when I eat either of those foods I’m pretty sure I have flashbacks. 

This time, I felt like I could express my joy for my daughter and not have any fallout or push back from anyone. I posted bump pics after bump pics and celebrated those butterfly flutters! I had the confidence that this is MY baby, I have grown this human inside me and I am so proud of it. I have been given this blessing and I am going to make sure the world knows I am grateful. 

The months dragged on and I became increasingly irritated at being large & in charge. May came around and finally the last few weeks were upon us. My doctor gave us the option to schedule a c-section or ride it out until she decided she wanted to arrive but it would mostly likely end in another c-section. Since I am a Type A person I decided what better way to start my summer than scheduling my daughter’s birthday! June 8, 2018- that has a nice ring to it, am I right?! 

That morning I took a very long shower, did my makeup, prepped my house for the last morning without a third daughter, and dropped the oldest off at Grandma’s. I was calm, I was excited, and I was ready. My husband and I checked in to the Labor & Delivery unit, were put in the largest room on the floor (it’s like they knew he has 11 brothers/sisters) and were prepped and ready to go! 

12:34pm our beautiful Hope was brought into the world by the magic of medicine and some very kind doctors. She knew her Type A mama would LOOOVE that she was born 1,2,3,4 and for that I’ll be forever proud. 



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