Eco-Friendly Diapering
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Eco-Friendly Diapering

Babies go through thousands of disposable diapers per year. If you use cloth diapers or are interested in them, please read my cloth diaper basics article. 

We're all doing our best to make the world a better place. This is especially true when we have kids. Babies go through thousands of disposable diapers per year. If you use cloth diapers or are interested in them, please read my cloth diaper basics article. 

It isn't just diapers babies go through when it comes to diapering. There are repeated daily cleanings involved. I'm going to give you all the alternatives I employ to create an overall earth-friendly baby bum life.

Diaper Liners

Reusable Diapers

An alternative to wipes and paper towels. For parents who want to or use cloth diapers, diaper liners are a great option. I used them to catch the bulk of my son's messes for about the first seven months. Once he mostly started producing solids, I used the liners to scope up the mess rather than putting them on each diaper. Because he didn't number two every day, I was wasting liners. The washing machine always removed the excess. You can always try a bidet if you don't want to do the "dirty work."

Quite a few liners are reusable and are made from all-natural materials like bamboo, which means it's biodegradable. You can also use these as paper towels or wipes (more below).


An alternative to premade wet wipes. Parents use hundreds of wipes each month. Instead of continually buying packs filled with unknown chemicals, create your own! 

You can use diaper liners because it's soft, compostable, and potentially reusable. All you need is a solution (see the next option below). You can also use reusable super soft terry cloth wipes. After using, throw it in the wash!

Wipes Solution

Reusable wet wipes

An alternative to premade wet wipes. You can make your own wipe solution if you possess the DIY spirit. If you're concerned about what's in diaper wipes but don't want to make your own, try Baby Bits Wipes Solution. They're made from plant-based ingredients like coconut oil glycerin soap, herbs, and oils such as lavender. I brought the two packs (wets 2,000 wipes), and 13 months later, I still haven't finished my second pack! Dissolve the cubes in warm water and put it in a warmer, or get yourself an amber glass spray bottle as I did. I spray the solution on my cloth wipes or on diaper liners for the bulk of the initial mess. 

Biodegradable Diaper Bags

An alternative to regular plastic bags. For messes on the go, you'll need some earth-loving diaper sacks. Yes, like the ones dog owners use to clean up after their pets. I like the Hathaway brand because it's lightly scented, strong, and biodegradable. 

Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Diapers for baby

An alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softener. As you go through the many wash cycles of messy baby clothes, consider this alternative. Wool dryer balls are natural, scent and chemical-free, and reusable up to 1,000 loads. These have the potential to save you money, drying time, and decrease lint and static. 

Eco-Friendly KeaBabies

KeaBabies' products are made with quality to provide longevity. That's the ultimate eco solution for budgets and the earth. This list would be incomplete without a few honorable mentions. 

  • Our adorable Hooded Baby Towels and Deluxe Washcloths are made with premium thick and soft bamboo viscose for our baby's delicate skin. Bamboo is fast-growing, sustainable, and requires no pesticides and chemicals to grow. 

  • Having a multi-purpose item means more savings and less clutter. That's why our spacious and lightweight felt Original Caddy is the best! Felt is a natural, biodegradable product. Use it on the go or at home to organize your diapering. When the baby gets older, use it to organize toys.

Conscious Diapering KeaBabies Eco Friendly Tips

It's a big job to raise a little human and keep the earth in her best shape. I hope these ideas assist you in your parenting journey!


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