Diaper Bag Essentials: What’s In Your Bag?
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Diaper Bag Essentials: What’s In Your Bag?

However you choose to pack your bag, we hope you will utilize this list to make sure you have all the basics that you and your little one will need for all your fun adventures! 

If you’re a mom, you probably use a diaper bag on a regular basis. Whether you’re expecting a baby, or you’re an experienced mama, you’ll want to have a diaper bag on hand so you can keep all your essentials in one convenient place! 

Wondering what you’re supposed to pack in a diaper bag? Don’t worry, we’ll give you the scoop on all the must-haves to pack in your bag. From purses, to over the shoulder bags, to backpack-style bags like the KeaBabies Explorer Bag or the KeaBabies Diaper Backpack, there are many diaper bag styles to choose from. A backpack-style bag is a great option for parents because they are so comfortable and versatile - and can even continue to be used long after your baby has grown out of diapers!

minimalist essentials

Diaper Bag Must-Haves

  1. Diapers: Not sure how many to pack? A good rule of thumb is one diaper for every 2 hours you’ll be out of the house.

  2. Baby wipes: If you don’t have a travel-size pack on hand, put a handful of wipes in a plastic sandwich bag. 

  3. Diaper rash cream or ointment 

  4. Hand sanitizer: Even more important now that we’re in the midst of a pandemic!

  5. A pacifier: Or two, in case one gets dropped. 

  6. Burp cloths: Washcloths work too. 

  7. A few receiving blankets/thin blankets, such as the KeaBabies Swaddle Blanket

  8. A hat or beanie

  9. Small trash bags for dirty diapers

  10. Change of clothes for baby (at least 1-2 outfits)

  11. Fever reducer medication and syringe

  12. Nursing cover or lightweight blanket or scarf to use as a cover

  13. Feeding supplies: bottles, bibs, baby utensils, jars or pouches of baby food, small plates or bowls, and toddler snacks.

    Additional Items For The Prepared Parent

    1. Sunscreen 

    2. Bandages and ointment

    3. Disposable or reusable placemats

    4. Nasal aspirator and saline spray 

    5. Nursing pads and lanolin cream for nursing moms

    First aid essentials

      Items For Siblings And Older Children 

      1. Snacks: We all know kids get hungry at the most inconvenient times. Be sure to always have small snacks on hand, such as fruit and veggie pouches, bags of crackers, granola bars, or fruit snacks. 

      2. Small toys or games, like a deck of cards, coloring books, toy cars, a small puzzle, or a magazine. 

      3. Extra lightweight clothes. 

      items for children's essentials

        Items For Moms 

        1. Change of clothes (at least a shirt): You never know what spit up, poop, or food-spilling accident is going to happen!

        2. Phone charger

        3. Chapstick 

        4. Pain medicine: Parenting is never easy when you’re not feeling well. 

        5. Breastfeeding extras: reusable nursing pads, soothing gel pads, nipple shields, or a manual pump. 

        6. Snacks: protein bars, trail mix, pretzels, and fruits and vegetables travel well. 

        7. Bottle of water

        8. Extra cash, just in case you forget your wallet!

        Every parent’s needs are different, so what might be an “essential” to one mom, might seem useless to you! However, there are certain items you’ll always want to pack a few extra of, just to be cautious (such as diapers, wipes, and clothes). 

        Experienced parents will also swear by not only knowing what to pack, but how to pack a diaper bag. Make sure the most-used items, such as diapers and wipes, are easily accessible. Store portable wipes pouches on the outer pocket of the diaper bag, or on top where you can easily reach it. Put diapers in one of the bag’s pockets so they don’t get lost. Store smaller items like sunscreen, diaper cream, teething gel, or baby utensils in the bag’s smaller pockets.

        Be resourceful in what you use to pack your bag, too! While many companies sell packing cubes designed specifically for organizing diaper bags, you can easily use what you have on hand! You can use cloth pencil cases to store small items. You can use plastic, ziplock bags to store extra outfits. You can even buy small trash bags designed for cleaning up after dogs to use for your baby’s dirty diapers. 

        Original Diaper Bag

        However you choose to pack your bag, we hope you will utilize this list to make sure you have all the basics that you and your little one will need for all your fun adventures!


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