Creative Ways To Pack Your KeaBabies Original Diaper Caddy Bag
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Creative Ways To Pack Your KeaBabies Original Diaper Caddy Bag

Creative ideas for using KeaBabies Original Diaper Caddy Bag.

The KeaBabies Original Diaper Caddy Bag is ideal for all parents, but did you know its functionality extends into many other areas of life? When your baby grows up, there are many other uses for the caddy bag besides merely diapers and wipes! Here are some creative ideas for using your KeaBabies Original Diaper Caddy Bag

1. Baby essentials

The ideal use of the Diaper Caddy Bag would be to easily store items baby needs every day - pacifiers and pacifier clips, teething toys, diapers and wipes, bibs and feeding supplies, thermometer and nail clippers, and small blankets! Make it easier on yourself and stop running from room to room looking for clean diapers. Using a portable storage caddy gives you access to everything your baby needs, and can stay right by your side all day long!


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2. Art supplies

Toddlers and children love art projects. Using a storage caddy can be a great way to organize those odds and ends that children love to save, like stickers and scraps of paper. You can fill the caddy with child-safe scissors, paint palettes, glue sticks, markers, construction paper, and stamps. When your child is done with their art project, simply pack up the storage caddy and put it away for the next day! 

3. Book corner

Reading to your child is an essential part of bonding, and has been proven to aid in language acquisition and early reading skills. Make your child’s reading nook special by filling the storage caddy with some board books (for babies and toddlers) or chapter books and magazines (for older children). You can also store highlighters, bookmarks, flashlights, a dictionary, or other items that may enhance the reading experience. 


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4. Road trips 

Do you want to avoid your car becoming one giant mess during your next road trip? Bring along the Original Diaper Caddy Bag on your next car adventure and be sure to stay neat and organized! Be creative in what you put in the storage caddy. Diapers, wipes, food pouches, small board books, a new toy, a sippy cup, and some small blankets would be ideal for a baby or toddler. Older children can fill the caddy with books, snacks, and video games. When you reach your destination, the storage caddy can be easily carried to your room!

5. Breast pump supplies

The Original Diaper Caddy Bag can be used for all your pumping needs. You can store bottles, replacement parts, disinfecting bags, milk storage bags, lanolin cream, a pumping bra, spare batteries, and other breastfeeding essentials in the storage caddy. Putting everything in the caddy makes it easy to pump in any room of your house, or even your car! 


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6. Desk supplies 

Use the Original Diaper Caddy Bag to organize your desk clutter! You can store small items, such as pens, permanent markers, sticky notes, and chargers in the outer pockets, and use the larger main pockets for items such as notebooks, scissors, staplers, books, paper, and more!

7. Sleepovers at grandma’s house

Does your child love to spend time at grandma’s house? Use the Original Diaper Caddy Bag to store all your child’s things when going from house to house. If your baby is staying overnight with someone else, be sure to pack the storage caddy with a good amount of diapers and wipes, a thermometer and medicine, teething supplies, a blanket, and a few changes of clothing. If your toddler is staying with a sitter overnight, be sure to pack diapers, clothes, a white noise machine, fever reducer medicine, snacks, and baby food. If an older child is spending the night somewhere, use the storage caddy for her pajamas, toothbrush and toothpaste, a book, and a flashlight. 

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8. Pet supplies 

Babies need a lot of things, but so do “fur babies!” Use the Original Diaper Caddy Bag to organize your pet’s treats, medical information, brushes, food scoops, small toys, and anything else your animal needs! The storage caddy can be easily put away in a closet or garage, neatly out of sight! 

Whatever your needs, the KeaBabies Original Diaper Caddy Bag is sure to help you organize your life!



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