Burping Your Baby With Comfort With The All-New KeaBabies SOFTE Muslin Burp Cloths
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Burping Your Baby With Comfort With The All-New KeaBabies SOFTE Muslin Burp Cloths

Feeding and burping are a big part of life with a newborn - so why not give your baby the ultimate comfort and ease with the all-new KeaBabies SOFT Muslin Burp Cloth? This adorable set of burp cloths are made from ultra-soft muslin fabric, luxuriously soft for your baby’s delicate skin!

Feeding, diapering, burping, changing - these are all things new parents do around the clock with their newborns. Parents want to give their baby the ultimate comfort and ease, especially during the blissfully chaotic newborn days when bonding with your little one is so important. When it comes to feeding and burping, new parents can enjoy the all-new KeaBabies SOFTE Muslin Baby Burp Cloths, which have been specially designed to minimize messes while allowing for maximum bonding between parent and baby! 

KeaBabies SOFTE muslin burp cloths

What sets apart KeaBabies SOFTE Muslin Burp Cloths from other burp cloths?

KeaBabies has taken the time to design the best burp cloths that provide the ultimate comfort and absorption for feeding and burping your baby. Each burp cloth is comprised of 8 layers of luxurious and absorbent organic cotton bamboo muslin, making them buttery-soft against your new baby’s delicate skin. Standard cotton muslin is not nearly as absorbent! KeaBabies burp cloths are also larger than most burp cloths in the market, generously sized at 21 inches by 10.5 inches. They are designed in a figure eight shape to fit perfectly on any adult’s shoulder, providing maximum coverage for any messes that might get on your clothes. 

Why use organic muslin cotton instead of other fabrics? 

Here at KeaBabies, we seek to design products that provide the ultimate level of comfort and safety for your little one. Muslin fabric refers to a special type of finely-woven breathable fabric, said to have originated as early as the Middle Ages. Cotton muslin is very loosely woven, and ultra-soft. Muslin fabric is unique because of its lightweight, breathable quality that makes it the ideal fabric for sensitive newborn baby's skin! Since it is so lightweight, using organic bamboo cotton muslin on your baby prevents her from overheating. The organic fabric also tends to get even softer with every wash - making it the perfect option for all new parents. Muslin is also absorbent and can be used to wipe up any messes or spills, making the KeaBabies SOFTE Muslin Burp Cloths useful well into toddlerhood!

The KeaBabies Standard Of Quality

The KeaBabies Team seeks to create quality products that are handmade with love, ensuring that parents everywhere get top-quality products that provide ultimate comfort and style and make parenting a breeze! The KeaBabies SOFTE Muslin Burp Cloths are designed intricately with reinforced seams, so you won’t have to worry about your product wearing and tearing over time. The burp cloths are also machine-washable, making them perfect for daily use. We know that new parents are busy and don’t have time to fuss over hand-washing baby items that get used frequently! To best wash your organic burp cloths, machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach. These burp cloths are designed to withstand countless washes! 

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Neutral Prints And Large Sizes Make It The Ideal Baby Item For Moms And Dads

Many baby products are marketed specifically toward moms, but the KeaBabies SOFTE Organic Muslin Burp Cloths are designed to keep all caregivers from milk spit ups. The oversized designed of the burp cloths makes them comfortable enough for Dad to use! These burp cloths are currently available in the set “Wild,” which contains 5 gender-neutral animal prints that look adorable whether you have a boy or a girl! Whimsical characters such as bears, lions, and elephants make these burp cloths the ideal addition to your little one’s nursery gear, after all, you can never have too many burp cloths.  And they come in a sustainably made cute gift box, making them the perfect baby gift!

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Uses For the KeaBabies SOFTE Muslin Burp Cloths

  • Drape a burp cloth over your shoulder or arm to keep your clothes dry during burping sessions

  • Lay a burp cloth over a changing table to protect your baby from germs and to protect surfaces from accidental messes from dirty diapers

  • Use a burp cloth for wiping up spills, polishing furniture, or disinfecting surfaces 

  • Grab a burp cloth to help dry baby after bath time, or use as a hand towel 

  • Use a burp cloth as a simple placemat when your toddler is eating something squishy or full of liquid 

  • Organic burp cloths make as a soft alternative to baby wipes when your baby has a diaper rash to prevent further irritation 

  • Let your infant use a muslin baby burp cloth as a “lovie” - a comfort item to hold onto 

  • When your little one is sick or has allergies, keep a burp cloth on hand to wipe runny noses

  • Use a burp cloth as an alternative to a washcloth during bath time

  • Lay a burp cloth on the counter to use as a temporary drying station for pacifiers and bottles 

  • Buy a set of organic muslin burp cloths to give as a baby shower gift - they come in cute designs and adorable packaging! 

However you choose to use your KeaBabies SOFTE Muslin Burp Cloths, they’re sure to be useful for months (and even years) to come! Give your baby the ultimate style and comfort with this set of luxuriously soft burp cloths. 

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