Breastfeeding Twins - Part 2 of 2
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Breastfeeding Twins - Part 2 of 2

In part one, we covered some twin-specific challenges and solutions when it comes to breastfeeding. This second article will cover how having support can make this process easier, tips for pumping for twins, and creating a balanced feeding schedule.

In part one, we covered some twin-specific challenges and solutions when it comes to breastfeeding. We covered how to start, why your body will make sufficient milk for two, how to tell if your babies are getting enough milk, feeding styles (separately or tandem), and what to do about sore nipples.

This second article will cover how having support can make this process easier, tips for pumping for twins, and creating a balanced feeding schedule.

Importance of Support from Your Partner, Family Members or Caregiver

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Having twins means you will have to cope with twice the usual expectations. So, asking for help from knowledgeable sources is inevitable. Still, moms have a strong intuition that should be considered.

To avoid getting pressured when the babies come out, talk to your partner and family members about what you expect to happen. Even Superman gets weak when there’s Kryptonite. So, do not try to do this alone!

Having twins means you’ll be demanded for more mom time. Discuss with your partner about taking turns with some daily tasks and chores, or if you can, hire someone. Working together will make things easier, so it is better to agree on these “little” things before they become problematic.

It is also helpful to speak to someone who’s been in the same situation. Asking for advice and listening will lessen pressure when dealing with things that, you knew, can happen.

Lastly, find a breastfeeding advocate when it comes to choosing your Pediatrician. There is a lot to learn, and there will be problems to go through, but having someone who can reassure you that you are on the right track is helpful.

At this point, moms, your patience is your best weapon!

Tips For Pumping Milk for Two

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If you can breastfeed on demand, go for it. However, some situations can make it difficult to do so. If you have premature babies, if one of the twins can’t suck well or need to stay at the hospital for medical reasons, you may need to pump or express.

Your babies need to receive your colostrum within the very first hours of birth. You can have this done by pumping or expressing the milk and storing it in a clean container or storage bag1.

Expressing breast milk will also help you maintain your milk supply during the times when your babies are not directly latching2.

Here are some tips to encourage milk let-down when pumping breast milk:

  1. Find a warm or cool and relaxing place that gives you more comfort. Try to veer away from distractions and focus on positive thoughts.

  2. Touch your breasts and massage them with gentle strokes downward. Play with your nipples in between your fingers. This sensation can trigger a milk let-down.

  3. Express at regular intervals. Try to make short but frequent pumping sessions that follow how you will breastfeed your little ones. It will help your body cope and produce more milk for different feeding schedules.

It takes a lot of effort, love, and support for you to carry out the bold move of pumping or expressing. It takes wisdom and continuous learning to do it properly. Fill your heart and mind with your love for your babies and the purpose of milk expressing. The more you can condition your mind and body, the more milk your body will produce. Perhaps this is the magic of mother’s love!

Managing a Good Feeding Schedule

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Make sure to take note of the frequency your babies breastfeed. Although you have twins, they are two different individuals. So, do not be surprised when one gets hungrier than the other!

There’s no definite schedule that will work best for every baby or twin set. Hence, moms are encouraged to be flexible and aware. Tune in to your infants’ needs. You may choose to feed on demand whenever convenient and necessary, or you may find you need to express or pump. Perhaps in the first few weeks, you may stick to about eight to twelve feedings a day, with three to four times of these occurring at night. Or maybe it’s a combination of various techniques. Go with the flow of your very intelligent babies3.

Remember to take care of yourself by getting enough sleep at night (or when your twins nap!), asking for support, and giving yourself room and grace to find what’s best for your babies and yourself.

How KeaBabies Can Help

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