Bandana Bibs and its Many Benefits
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Bandana Bibs and its Many Benefits

Move over, old standard bibs – bandana bibs are the new trend for your stylish babies! Bandana bibs are unique because of their shape. Instead of r...

Move over, old standard bibs – bandana bibs are the new trend for your stylish babies!

Bandana bibs are unique because of their shape. Instead of rounded edges like traditional bibs, bandana bibs are cut in the shape of a triangle and either snap or Velcro around your baby’s neck. They come in adjustable lengths, allowing them to fit comfortably as your baby grows. And best of all, they come in a variety of absolutely adorable patterns! Do you have a baby, or know someone who is expecting? Be sure to grab a set of KeaBabies Bandana Bibs!

baby bandana bibs bandana bibs

So, why are bandana bibs the best bibs for your baby?

baby bandana bibs bandana bibs

1. Premium, ultra-soft fabric

KeaBabies bandana bibs are made with 100% organic cotton, with a plush fleece backing that sits softly against your baby’s delicate skin. The luxuriously soft, hypoallergenic fabric keeps your baby comfortable and fresh all through the day’s busy activities!

Trying to be more environmentally-friendly and health-conscious? Organic cotton is an  excellent choice because it is grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides, making it  much better for human skin.

2. Stylish designs

KeaBabies bandana bibs come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some are unisex, like the whites and grays of the “Grayscape” set, and others have brighter colors such as the blue “Adventurer” set and the pink “Pink Dreams” set. The patterns contain cute designs such as hearts, anchors, stripes, stars, arrows, and the KeaBabies logo. With the many colors and prints, there’s a bandana bib to match every outfit!

3. Adjustable sizing

Are your baby’s bibs too tight and small, or too loose and huge for your baby? Are you  frustrated by flimsy Velcro and awkward fitting? Do your baby’s bibs fall off too easily? KeaBabies bandana bibs solve this problem with their adjustable bibs that allow for 3 different sizes. The adjustable snaps make the bibs perfect for all ages, newborn through  age 2. No amount of baby’s tugging or squirming will make these bibs come loose!

4. Practical for everyday use

With the many styles and colors, there’s a bib to match every outfit of the day. The premium quality fabric and stitching allow the bibs to endure as many loads of laundry as it takes to keep up with a drooling baby! KeaBabies bandana bibs can easily withstand daily washing and drying.

KeaBabies bandana bibs are machine washable (with like colors, in cold water). Tumble dry low or air dry to preserve the bib’s fabric. No need to iron or bleach!

5. Soft and comfortable

No scratchy, itchy Velcro here at KeaBabies! We strive to provide only the best for your  sweet little one. KeaBabies bandana bibs are made from organic cotton and fleece to help baby feel comfortable all day long. Other bibs on the market are stiff, scratchy, or made of plastic. KeaBabies bibs are ultra-absorbent – made to withstand all of baby’s drool! The hypoallergenic cotton will sit softly against your baby’s skin.

6. Great for teething babies

KeaBabies bandana bibs have an additional backing of soft, polyester fleece to absorb drool. Teething babies are notorious for having a steady stream of drool – causing a lot of  frustrating outfit changes throughout the day. A KeaBabies bandana bib will protect your  baby’s clothing and keep them comfy and dry throughout the day.

7. Affordable

Some bibs can be very expensive! KeaBabies bandana bibs are very affordable, especially because they come in a pack of 8! That’s more than enough for every day of the week. The many patterns, colors, and designs make it easy to match bibs to every outfit – no need to purchase a ton of bib sets!

baby bandana bibs bandana bibs


KeaBabies Bandana Bibs make a great gift for any new KeaMommy or KeaDaddy. With the unique designs and patterns, multiple adjustable snaps, and premium soft fabric, there are no better bibs on the market for your baby! KeaBabies bandana bibs are durable and cost-effective.

Do you have a mini fashion icon in the making? Be sure to grab a set of KeaBabies Bandana Bibs for your sweet, stylish baby!



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