Baby Blessings: Parenthood During A Pandemic
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Baby Blessings: Parenthood During A Pandemic

Although so many changes have come about over the last several months, one thing hasn’t changed: the unending joys and surprises of parenthood. Having a young baby at home during this period can actually be a blessing - read on to find out why!

Parenting during a pandemic can be tough. Due to stay-home orders in many states, parents have been separated from their larger support systems of grandparents, daycares, preschools, and other caregivers. Staying at home with a young baby can be isolating - but there are many upsides to being at home with your little one too! 

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One of the biggest blessings of being at home with young babies is that their world is always changing. 

Life at home over the last several months has been monotonous, each day running into the next. Besides quick outings to grocery stores, restaurants, or other essential places, there isn’t a whole lot that changes from day to day. There isn’t much contrast between the weekend and weekdays. Whether you’re working from home or are a stay at home parent, daily life has become fairly routine. There are no playdates, work events, sports games, family parties, or other life events. Each day is more or less the same. 

But the beauty of having a young child during this time is that each day always brings something new. Infants grow and change so much during the first few years of life. A baby constantly observes and records information about their environment. Every day, babies learn something new about the world around them, and this can be a great source of joy during these troubling times. 

For working parents that are temporarily forced to be at home, this can be a wonderful time to spend extra moments bonding with their baby. Many parents that would have otherwise missed some of their baby’s first milestones will now be able to observe their little one’s exciting accomplishments. Some fun milestones to document in your little one’s life are:

  • First tooth (around 6 months) 
  • Rolling over (4-6 months)
  • First foods (4-6 months) 
  • Sitting up (4-7 months)
  • Crawling (6-10 months) 
  • Cruising (8-11 months) 
  • First words (10-15 months)
  • Walking (9-18 months)
  • Jumping (24-36 months)
  • Climbing (9-18 months)
  • Counting (2-4 years)
  • Singing (22-24 months)

Consider taking some time to document your baby’s milestones. Take photos, create an online photo book or print pictures for a photo album, or start a journal. With the KeaBabies Baby First Years Memory Book, you can record all of your baby’s important milestones and information in a beautifully decorated keepsake album. The album contains pages filled with whimsical artwork and plenty of space to record all of your wonderful memories. There are spaces for 4” by 6” photos on each of the 12-month progress pages. There are also spaces for you to write letters to your little one. From ultrasound photos, to holidays, to journal entries, to cards and letters, this keepsake book will be cherished for years to come. 

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What are some things to write about in your baby’s milestone journal? 

  1. How you felt during your pregnancy

  2. Your baby’s birth story

  3. Your baby’s first smile

  4. When the extended family met your baby

  5. Records of your baby’s height and weight progression

  6. Prayers for your little one 

  7. Letters to your little one 

  8. Your hopes and dreams for your child’s future 

  9. Your baby’s first haircut or dentist appointment 

  10. Stories about funny things your baby did 

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Whatever you choose to write about, be sure to include plenty of detail and pictures! This keepsake memory book will be a cherished family project that your child will someday enjoy looking through. You can even display the book at your child’s first birthday party. 

So, even during a pandemic when most families are stuck inside, your baby’s world is ever-changing. Your child is a brand-new person, ready to absorb information about everyday life. And even trapped inside your apartment or home, your baby will constantly learn and grow. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try to take this time to appreciate every little moment with your wonderful, amazing child as he grows - the baby years pass quickly! 

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Parenting is awesome. Sleep is overrated. Every day is an adventure. 

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