Baby Bedding Accessories
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Baby Bedding Accessories

Baby beddings are imperatively paramount for a newborn. Here's what you need to know about baby bedding accessories and crib bedding sets. Find out if they are safe for your newborn and what you should look for in a quality product.

Baby beddings are imperatively paramount for a newborn. They offer comfort and warmth for your baby while keeping their sleeping environment safe. With the best baby bedding accessories, you'll have the peace of mind that your child will get a full night's sleep. That's because bedding accessories are designed to be comfortable, safe, and easy to use. However, for many new moms, going through and buying the gorgeous bedding products available can be exciting, but it can also cause you to feel overwhelmed or get caught up in the thrill. To make the buying process easier (and less scary), this article will clear everything up about the different baby bedding sets, essentials, and accessories, as well as tips to follow to help keep your baby safe during sleep time.

What bedding do you need for a crib?

crib bedding sets

Crib bedding sets the style and tone of a nursery. Hence, you should choose the right essential items that make up the best crib bedding:

Crib mattress

Babies can sleep up to 18 hours a day, and thus it's crucial to choose the right crib mattress that'll offer the much-needed sleeping surface. Look for a firm and flat crib mattress to give your baby better support. It's also wise to pick a mattress made of natural latex or synthetic foam since they are safe for your baby. These materials have hypoallergenic layers that ensure your baby sleeps healthily and

soundly. Furthermore, the mattress should be waterproof and should have no adhesives or glue.

If the mattress had been used by other newborns in the family, you should ensure it:

  • Has no tears or cracks
  • Isn't sagging
  • Is clean and dry
  • It fits the crib snugly without leaving any gaps

Crib mattress encasement or cover

The first layer of bedding is the crib mattress encasement. It zips easily around the mattress to encase it fully. It acts as the mattress protector that prevents dust mites, pet dancers, bed bugs, and other household allergens. It also creates a healthier crib since it can lower the number of asthma instigators on the sleeping surface. Besides, many encasements have waterproof membrane that offers an extra layer of protection that can be used underneath sheets and pads. The right encasement can prolong the life of your new crib mattress.

Crib mattress pad

The pads should be about an inch in thickness to allow the protector to fit over the mattress snugly. A waterproof pad can defend the crib mattress against unavoidable spills and accidents. They can also be hypoallergenic, and so they can fight against allergens and dust mites captured in the mattress. Besides protecting against stains, the pad creates a comfortable and breathable sleeping experience for your baby. Furthermore, this bedding essential acts as an additional cushioning to the mattress and can help distribute your baby's weight evenly. Remember, the pad should be made of soft material to offer adequate warmth as well as a quieter and cozier environment.

Fitted crib sheet

fitted crib sheet

Fitted crib sheets are the most vital pieces of baby bedding. Parents shouldn't use flat crib sheets as they can bunch up or loosen once the baby starts moving around. Instead, you should use a fitted sheet that fits snugly over the mattress. Many fitted sheets are available in standard sizes and thus ensure that you choose the correct size and shape for your crib mattress. The Keababies fitted crib sheets: Woodland is made from soft, breathable jersey cotton that's ideal all year round. The fitted crib is temperature-regulated to ensure your baby sleeps in comfort.

What crib accessories do I need?

From budget-friendly basics to designer bedding, there is a wide array of choices when it comes to crib bedding accessories. These pieces are decorative elements that complete your baby's crib look. Here are baby crib accessories you need to create an inviting, safe, and cozy sleeping environment.

Blankets and quilts

Give your baby a cozy and warm quilt so they can be comfortable while sleeping. Most quits are large enough and can be used until they're about two years. The quilts are gentle, exceptionally soft, washable, and allergen-free.

Sleeping sacks or bags

cute sleep sack

Sleep sack or sleeping bags is made to be worn over their nightwear or diaper during the hotter season. They look like a tabard with space for the baby's legs to move and with arms free. It can enhance neuromuscular development, lower SIDS risk, and help your baby sleep longer. Because it's designed for safe sleeping, Keababies SOOTHE sleep sack keeps your baby comfortable and snug while sleeping. It creates a good sleep routine and ensures your baby is relaxed and safe for optimum sleep.


swaddle wrap

A swaddle can be a helpful transition from a mom's womb to the outside world since it simulates the pressure and tightness of the womb. It can also dampen the startle reflex of your baby, and that can help them sleep better. Ensure that you choose a swaddle that's fire-resistant, breathable, and with the correct thickness so that it won't loosen up and cover your little one's face. Besides, you can pick those that come with zippers, fasteners, and tie strings to keep your little one securely fastened, like KeaBabies SOOTHE Swaddle Wraps.

Crib skirt

Crib skirts or dust ruffles are exclusively decorative. It hangs around the base of the crib and hence will cover up the under-crib storage giving the nursery a more sophisticated look.

Rail guard covers

When teeth start poking out of your baby's gums, your baby starts experimenting with them immediately. That's why rail guard covers can be useful. They can stop your baby from using the crib rails as a teething ring substitute. Since rail guard covers come in pretty designs, it also adds style in the nursery.

Please Note: Most of these accessories should be used once the baby is able to move on their own (rollover, stand, or sit). That is usually after the baby is one year old. That way, loose fabrics won't entangle them and cause suffocation hazards.

What comes in a baby bedding set?

A bedding set can come with 2 to 13 pieces, including a fitted sheet, few pillowcases, a crib skirt, and a blanket or quilt. Nursery bedding sets also feature sweet patterns and fun colors as well as themes such as lambs, ocean, bugs, animals, nautical, ivy, and dinosaurs. Here are the top five best-selling crib bedding sets on Amazon in 2021:

QQ Baby crib bedding set- 100% Turkish cotton

The nursery bedding set for both boys and girls has an elephant design. This 7-piece crib bedding set includes a 4-sided crib skirt with a sheet, a comforter/quilt, a pillow sham, an extra fitted sheet, a decorative pillow, a toy bag, a. diaper bag. The set is designed from cotton and is machine washable.

Bedtime originals Jungle Fun 3-piece crib bedding set

Decorate your baby's sleeping space with this adorable bedding crib set that includes one fitted crib sheet, a quilt, and a dust ruffle. The machine-washable set features an appliqued lion, an adorable monkey with striped arms and legs, a friendly elephant, and a colorful tree.

PINNKKU crib bedding set for girls

Made with soft, breathable, and cozy microfiber, this bedding set makes an ideal gift for any baby shower or new mom. The set has hand-painted watercolor floral paint, solid bluish pink, and mini grey polka dot fabrics. The four pieces include a crib blanket, fitted crib sheet, skirt, and diaper stacker. The ruffle crib skirt is shirred all around and features split corners to ease placement around the crib posts. The blanket is printed with blossom flowers in different hues of pink-tinged with dark green, white, and black leaves.

Pam Grace Creations

The six-piece lovebirds' crib bedding set features a crib rail guard cover, quilt, crib skirt, fitted sheet, fleece blanket, and diaper stacker. Its rich turquoise and the lovely lavender theme will create a serene and tranquil atmosphere for your little one to sleep. They are designed with a soft, comfortable poly and cotton blend and can be freshened up quickly with a simple wash and dry.

The Peanutshell Buffalo Plaid crib bedding set

The gender-neutral Buffalo plaid bedding set will reminiscence of plaid shirts right into your baby's nursery. The crib bedding set features 3-pieces. The printed patchwork comforter has buffalo with black and red as well as white and grey combinations that is accented by white, playful arrows and a blend of other favorite woodland animals. These animals with printed silhouettes in grey and black shades are used to create beautiful patterns in the fitted crib sheet. The three-sided crib skirt that has fun red and black buffalo echoes an ideal finishing touch. Besides, this bedding set is designed from soft microfiber, is excellent for hand-feel, and is easy to care for.

Factors to consider in choosing baby bedding

crib beddings safety

It's your responsibility to ensure your baby grows up in a healthy and sustainable environment. That includes considering the quality of bed linens that surround your little munchkin. Here are some aspects to consider when buying baby bedding sets:

The fabric

There are several types of fabrics that you can use to make up crib blankets and sheets. And considering the baby's skin is sensitive, you should be extra careful when choosing the items to sleep in. A general rule of thumb is to pick textiles made from natural fibers, including organic cotton and linen. These fibers are known for breathability and absorbency, and hence your little one will stay dry and comfortable while sleeping. They are also hypoallergenic and will hinder dust mites, bacteria, and other germs from being transferred onto the fabric items that touch your baby's skin. They are also cozy and soft to touch.

Light breathable materials

Babies have challenges regulating their body temperatures, and hence it's easy for them to be overheated. This can not only cause your baby to have sleeping troubles but can potentially develop a heat rash. For that reason, choose light, breathable bedding materials to keep your baby cool for a refreshing sleep.

Machine wash-ability

Life can be much easier if everything- from the comforter to mattress pad, is machine-washable. Spills and accidents will be common, and hence if your bedding can be tossed into a washing machine, you avoid anxiety and stress and save time while at it. Remember to wash the bedding in chemical-free detergent designed for sensitive skin.

Waterproof material

You should choose a waterproof mattress, pad, and protectors. Having these extra layers of protection means that leaks and spills won't seep inside the baby's mattress.

Your baby's gender

Ideally, you should choose a crib bedding set that suits your baby's gender. For instance, colors like white and pink are considered good for a baby girl, while black and blue bedding sets are perfect for a baby boy. But if you don't know the gender of your infant yet, consider choosing neutral bedding sets, which are multicolored and designed to fit both girls and boys.

The right size

Baby bedding sets come in different sizes like large, medium, and small. It's a general rule that the mattress and crib be of the same size; the sheet should fit snugly on the mattress. The blanket or quilt should be bigger than the mattress.

Heat regulation

It's essential that your baby doesn't overheat while sleeping. So, look out for baby bedding accessories that keep your newborn at the right temperature and one that channels moisture away to keep the sleeping environment fresh and dry.

Your budget

You should consider your budget when going for bedding accessories for your baby. Ensure that you buy high-quality bedding that won't strain your budget.

Other FAQs

How many fitted sheets do I need for a baby's crib?

It's recommended that you have 2-4 fitted crib sheets that you can rotate and never run out of clean laundry. Besides, it's vital to choose sheets that are long-lasting, sturdy, and easy to care for.

How often should I change crib sheets?

Babies can be messy- from drools, spills to diaper leaks. It's therefore recommended that you change the sheets 1-2 times a week. The mattress cover should be washed at least once a week to keep your newborn healthy and happy.

Safe sleeping tips

baby sleep tips

If you check many baby magazines and blogs, you'll notice cribs full of gorgeous bumpers and adorable soft animals. However lovely these bedding accessories look, your baby's safety should come first. Bumpers and stuffed animals placed in your baby's crib pose a suffocation risk if your baby's face is pressed against them. Moreover, consider these sleeping tips every time you place your little one down for a good night sleep or a nap:

  • Dress your newborn using layers as you would dress yourself- neither too hot nor too cold, just comfortable
  • Add or remove the lightweight blankets to ensure your baby's chest is comfortably warm to the touch
  • Leave your baby's head uncovered- no bonnets, hats, hooded clothing, or beanies
  • Don't use electric blankets, hot water bottles or wheat bags for babies
  • Ensure your baby lies on their backs- avoid placing them on their tummy since they can't roll on their own
  • If your baby falls asleep in a swing, stroller, car seat, or sitting devices, remove them and place them on a firm flat surface
  • Keep any soft objects and loose bedding out of the baby crib before placing them down to sleep
  • In the first few months, place your baby crib in the same room as you for easy access and monitoring

Help your little one sleep safe and sound

In the first few months of your little one's life, they deserve health and sound sleep to grow well. Make sleep safety your top priority when it comes to your baby. Choose the best baby crib, mattress and sheets that are 100% breathable and comfortable. At Keababies, we have the very best baby bedding accessories. Our products give your baby healthier, safer, and better sleep!

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