Are Postpartum Belly Bands Safe?
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Are Postpartum Belly Bands Safe?

A belly binder, wrap, or band is a recommended accessory for those who are going on postpartum recovery. Aside from producing a slimmer stomach, you can gain a few notable benefits, mainly a healthier reproductive system.

On the internet, you'll find that the question- 'Are postpartum belly bands safe?' garners two reactions.

The first is positive, with celebrities endorsing it and saying how they've achieved a pre-pregnancy body because of it. On the flip side, you have horror stories from people who've had a bad experience with it.

Generally speaking, a belly binder, wrap, or band is a recommended accessory for those who are going on postpartum recovery. Aside from producing a slimmer stomach, you can gain a few notable benefits, mainly a healthier reproductive system.

To clear the air, a few of those bad experiences could stem from an inferior product or misconceptions passed around. However, when you use a high-quality postpartum belly band, such as our KeaBabies 3-in-1 Postpartum Recovery Belt you can look forward to a faster recovery and other benefits as well.

Postpartum Belly Binding

Belly binding is actually a practice that's been around for hundreds of years.

It originated in Malaysia and is known as 'bengkung'. After birth, women would wrap muslin or cloths of similar texture around their abdomen to provide extra physical support while they heal.

A muslin cloth isn't exactly the most secure accessory, and thus companies began designing more secure belly binders. Women will wrap the binder on their waist after childbirth for the same reason- to support the body and allow for faster healing and recovery.

How Does a Postpartum Belly Band Work?

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Most postpartum belly wraps are easy to use. They go around your belly and cover a wide range of areas, e.g., the bottom of your breasts to right above your hip line. They're designed to provide a snug fit and support your core.

When used properly, the 3-in-1 Postpartum Belly Support Recovery Wrap is 100 percent safe and effective. It can be used the first week after birth up to 7 to 12 weeks to get your physique back to a state of pre-pregnancy.

Postpartum wraps align your abdomen until your muscles and organs naturally settle back to their original positions and begin working normally. The compression a wrap can bring serves to shrink the uterus (which is a good thing) and the stretched skin.

Moms who've had a C-section can also use belly binders to allow the incision to heal faster. Other than that, a wrap stabilizes your pelvis, improves mobility, and reduces pain, all of which are common post-pregnancy problems.

A Physiotherapy Canada study showed how postpartum wrapping can help women recover sooner in terms of walking and getting back to daily life. Another study showed how women who've had C-sections experienced lower bleeding, distress, and pain when they have a belly band in place.

Tips for Wearing a Postpartum Wrap

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Don't Make It Too Tight

It's a common belief that belly wraps should be as tight as possible, but this can have a detrimental effect on your body.

Having abnormally high compressions can lead to pelvic floor damage and a subsequent prolapse, or bulging in the area. Furthermore, it can interfere with the healing process.

The right kind of tightness is one where you can still breathe and not feel too restricted as you move around.

Don't Wear It Too Long 

Belly bands are safe to use as long as you follow instructions and the recommendations that come along with them. Keep in mind that one of the warnings is wearing a band for longer than what's needed.

A postpartum recovery belt is only intended as a support. Most of the work should still be done by your body. This means getting off the bed and exercising your muscles gently with daily tasks, such as standing, nursing your baby, and ordinary movements.

Be careful not to overwork them, though. Slow and steady should be the rule of thumb in postpartum recovery.

Recovery Takes Time

With the help of a postpartum belly binder you could experience faster recovery, but remember that it's not the same for everyone.

It's not realistic or healthy to expect your body to do the things it could pre-pregnancy since it underwent massive changes to accommodate another human being. Be patient and let things naturally take their course. Now is the time to relax and enjoy the fruit of your labor!

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