8 Milk Boosters for a Better Milk Supply
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8 Milk Boosters for a Better Milk Supply

Are you a new mommy wondering how to boost your milk supply? A breastfeeding mommy facing low supply issues? A well-fed mummy equates to a well-fed baby. Increase your Milk supply with 8 superfoods for breastfeeding moms.

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Are you a new mommy wondering how to boost your milk supply?

A breastfeeding mommy facing low supply issues?

Other than frequent latching on demand (remember, demand = supply!), consuming milk boosters is also a natural and effective way of boosting your milk supply. After all, a well-fed mummy equates to a well-fed baby. Here are some foods which may help to increase your milk supply, as well as providing added nutrients to you and your baby!

1. Oats

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It is a well-known fact that oatmeal is a superfood, whether during breastfeeding or not. Not only do oats help to promote milk supply, but it also adds on iron and fiber for breastfeeding mothers. Iron and fiber are important to supplement breastfeeding mothers with an extra energy boost and combat anemia, which is very common during pregnancy and post-delivery. Oats also reduce stress level and we all know how stress affects milk supply! Since breakfast is the most essential mealtime of the day, why not spice it up with some oatmeal or oat milk? If you are a snacker, even better! Bake yourself some yummy homemade oats lactation cookies, muffins and brownies, recommended with rolled oats or steel-cut oats instead of instant oats.

2. Fenugreek

KeaBabies Milk Supply Booster

Fenugreek is a powerful natural herb that aids in boosting milk supply. It contains diosgenin, which increases milk flow, as well as phytoestrogens which is similar to the female sex hormone, (estrogen). It is said that milk kicks in faster after consumption of fenugreek, within the next 24-72 hours. Fenugreek is commonly mixed in tea or sprinkled on food such as porridge or curry. If you prefer easy consumption, the best way would be to get fenugreek supplements in capsules form!

3. Salmon

KeaBabies Breastmilk Superfoods

It is a known fact that salmon is the best fish source, regardless of whether you are breastfeeding or not. It is rich in essential fatty acids and Omega-3, which helps to fatten your milk and make it more nutritious. Salmon also contains DHA, which is essential for the baby’s eye, nerve system, and brain development. Apart from that, it is also a source of vitamin B12 and vitamin D! Consume this superfood by steaming, baking, boiling or grilling it. If you had been holding back on salmon sashimi during your pregnancy, now would be the best time to indulge! 

4. Brewer’s yeast

KeaBabies Breastfeeding Mom Superfoods

Have you heard that beer increases milk supply? As surprising as it sounds, it is true. However, it is not the alcohol content that increases your milk supply, but in fact a component in beer, the brewer’s yeast. Rich in vitamin B and protein, not only does the brewer's yeast help to boost your milk supply, but it also improves depression symptoms and lowers your blood cholesterol. Iron in brewer’s yeast also aids to reduce fatigue level, which is extremely common for mothers. To consume brewer’s yeast, find them in lactation bakes, just like oats! And yes, beer!

5. Unripe papaya

KeaBabies Healthy Breastfeeding Diet

In the Chinese culture, unripe green papaya is famously used as a key ingredient in confinement food as it helps to boost the production of oxytocin, which in turn produces milk. Other than being a milk booster, unripe papaya also works as a natural sedative to help mothers relax, which would bring on better milk flow and decrease postnatal stress. One popular way of consumption of unripe papaya would be to cook together with fish as a fish and papaya soup. Otherwise, adding unripe papaya into salad would be an easy and healthy meal option!

6. Nuts

KeaBabies Breastfeeding Superfoods

Nuts are commonly known to be one of the healthy snacks, but do you know that it is also a milk booster? Whether it is peanuts, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts or almond nuts, they are great sources of protein, vitamin E, omega 3. At the same time, nuts are gluten-free and non-dairy sources of calcium, which is great for lactose intolerant mothers! Calcium is essential as milk production depletes the calcium reserves in mommy’s bodies, resulting in brittle bones and weak teeth. Therefore, it is as important to build up our calcium reserves other than our milk supply! Since you’re going to be hungry most of the time during breastfeeding, why not snack on something healthy and beneficial?

7. Brown rice

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Brown rice is a source of healthy carbohydrate which contains hormone stimulants. As much as we all wish to lose weight after giving birth and having the leftover extra pounds from pregnancy, it is important to ensure that a lactating mother is well-fed. So why not replace those white rice for energy-boosting healthy brown rice instead, and at the same time, increase milk supply?

8. Water

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Last but not least, water is the main and most important component of breastfeeding. As our body is working hard to produce breast milk, dehydration can occur if insufficient water is being consumed. Fluids are lost during lactation and it is important to replace them to prevent dehydration. Not only that dehydration causes a supply dip, you will also feel weak and restless from the lack of sufficient water. It is recommended to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day and just a tip - have a glass of water before you start nursing and after you are done! If you dislike the bland taste of water, alternative forms of liquid such as barley water works as well!

Once again, a well-fed mummy is a well-fed baby. Other than watching your diet and implementing healthy good foods into your meals, don’t forget to watch out for your own comfort when breastfeeding. Check out our KeaBabies Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads and All-in-1 Nursing Cover to make your breastfeeding an enjoyable and comfortable experience! 


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