5 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations Ideas

#1 Spook up your front porch

Spook up garden

Your front porch is going to be the first thing every Halloween guests or trick-or-treaters see when they pop by. Be sure to give it a festive feel by decorating it with pumpkin lanterns, Drape DIY cobwebs over the doors or corners of walls. Insert faux spiders or other plastic insects into the spider webs for a more realistic appearance. For a glitz effect, spray a light coat of glitter over the otherwise white cobwebs after they are in position.

#2 Mummify Your Front Door

Decorations for halloween

Trick-or-treaters and Halloween guests are headed your way; trick out the front door with this frightful facelift that's a snap to craft. Simply use bandages or even toilet rolls to wrap around your door, it’s that easy!

#3 Personalized your candy bowls with Pumpkins

Halloween garden

Dig out pumpkins and craft some scary faces out of them, add candies in it and you got your very own scary pumpkin candy bowl! Perfect prop to have by the front door as a decoration as well as trick-or-treating!

#4 Distressingly Dress the Windows

Spooky window

Give the front of your home a haunting makeover in a flash with curtains stencilled with Halloween designs to transform windows or clear doors into a spooktacular scene.

#5 Create a few ghostly visitors

Spooky Garden

Create fun floating ghostly shapes by draping gauzy cheese cloths over wires. Use a battery-operated florescent light give the ghosts a spooky glow. Hang these ghostly figures around your front door and backyard to give your visitors a good scare!


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  • Oct 16, 2018
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