2020 Resolutions: Get In Shape
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2020 Resolutions: Get In Shape

Was one of your New Year’s Resolutions to get in shape? You can still find time to work out and eat healthy, even when you’re a busy mom! Read our blog post for simple ideas on how to shed the pounds and get in shape this year!

Are you struggling to get in shape as a new mom? Did you resolve to lose the baby weight, live healthier, and get in shape in 2020? Being a fit mama doesn’t have to be difficult - follow these simple tips for getting in shape this year!

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1. Join a gym with childcare. 

Joining a gym can be a great way to get in shape! Being a gym member gives you access to many different workout machines, weights, and other fitness gear. Many gyms also have a pool, basketball courts, group fitness classes, and more! If you don’t have a babysitter or someone to watch your little one while you work out, seek out a gym that has a childcare option. It might be an extra monthly cost to have access to childcare, but it might be very well worth it! All parents deserve some “met time,” and joining a gym with a childcare option can be a great way to take some well-deserved time for yourself! 

2. Find an online fitness program. 

If joining a gym is too expensive, or you can’t find a gym with a childcare option, consider finding an online fitness program. There are many free programs you can find on YouTube or other paid fitness programs you can subscribe to. Getting in shape doesn’t mean joining a fancy gym or getting an expensive personal trainer. You can get in shape from the comfort of your own home - even while your baby is around! In fact, if your baby sees you working out, you’re setting a good example for her! You can also find another local mom to do home workouts with! 

3. Find a workout buddy. 

Having an accountability partner can be helpful when trying to lose weight! Working out with a friend can be fun and a great motivator. If you don’t have a fitness buddy, consider asking in your local mom’s group if someone wants to work out with you. You can find a running partner, someone to go to yoga class with, or someone to join a local gym with. You can also sign up for an online fitness program with a friend and complete the program together. Having a workout partner can help keep you motivated and encouraged while you work toward your goals! 

4. Learn to meal prep. 

Preparing meals ahead of time can be a great way to eat healthier. Spend a few hours on the weekend or spend one of your baby’s nap times doing some meal prep. Some things you can do include: washing and chopping vegetables and fruits, preparing bags of smoothie ingredients, cooking rice and other side dishes, grilling or roasting chicken or turkey, or making breakfasts like overnight oats or protein pancakes. You can look at Pinterest or buy cookbooks that talk about meal prepping ideas.

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5. Prepare healthy meals for both you and baby. 

Chances are if your baby is old enough for solids, you’re already preparing healthy meals for him. Why not prepare similarly healthy meals for yourself at the same time? As your baby gets older and can eat more table food, it’s easy to prepare wholesome meals both you and baby can enjoy! For example, if your baby is having pasta with vegetables mixed in, you can also prepare some pasta for yourself with sauteed vegetables and turkey meatballs thrown in. If you make your little one a sandwich, make a sandwich for yourself and add some extra produce like sliced tomatoes or sprouts for extra nutrients.

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6. Work out with your baby. 

You can include your baby in your workouts! You can use your baby as a substitute for hand weights! You can hold your baby for arm curls, squats and arm raises, weighted crunches, weighted bridges, and more! You can also babywear and go on walks or hikes. Using a wrap carrier such as the KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier can be a comfortable, breathable option for workouts - just be sure that your baby is snug and secure before you venture outside! If you’re doing workouts on your TV or computer, set up some toys and let your little one watch you! Chances are, your baby will have so much fun watching you work out! 

Keep those New Year’s Resolutions on track by following these simple tips and tricks for getting in shape. The great news is that you can include your baby in your weight loss regimen! From cooking healthy meals as a family to working out together, getting in shape can be a wonderful way to bond with your little one! 

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