Labor and delivery is hard work - but it shouldn’t just be the mother’s job to bring a new baby into the world! Spouses, partners, friends, or family members can be great assistants during a mother’s labor, and it’s important to rally around a mother as she faces the momentous task of birthing a baby.
I started setting my own milestones that excited me just as much but I would have overlooked if she hadn’t had special needs. Her first year taught me a lot and there are a few regrets I wish I had done prior to having her.

You make it hard to have a child. You show up with all these preconceived notions at every angle of the process. I'm simply confused, society. What do you want from us as parents?

"You didn't have to accept me. In fact, I am the exact opposite of what you expected and it would have been easy to blame me for the choices your son made after meeting me."

For most of our life, we thought we didn’t want to have a child. We were about 98% sure it wasn’t for us, but that 2% expanded when we found the right partner.

Being a mom isn’t easy. Mothers are constantly scrutinized for almost every parenting decision they make, from small choices to big ones.
"Before I had kids, I made all sorts of promises I now realize I shouldn't have made even though I meant it at the time. These promises and my continually canceling plans make me seem like the worst—the worst friend."
You find yourself losing control of the mood swings and the aching even feel worse. You decide to start charting your symptoms and find that they happen half the month- from around the time you would be ovulating to right after your period starts.
"Every now and again, you comment about the state of our household being consistently out of order. While I don't blame you, I think you blame me."
It's every woman's dream to have perkier, fuller, and natural-looking breasts, but will your aspirations or goals of having children in the future affect your implants?

Are you currently on maternity leave and planning to return to work? If so, you are probably concerned about how and where to breastfeed your baby while you're in the office. With these breastfeeding guidelines, you can achieve a happy work-life balance.

It’s the subject of a multitude of debates and the center of many “mommy wars” throughout the years - which is more beneficial to children: being a working mom or a stay-at-home mom? And even though this tends to be a hot-button topic for many parents, one is not in fact better than the other. Moreover, the pandemic has actually fueled a narrowing of the divide between the two.
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