Father’s Day is coming up on June 20, but why not spend the month of June celebrating the amazing dads in our lives? Even if many places are still locked down in your area, there are many ways to have Father’s Day fun right at home.
Taking a trip to the ocean can be fun, relaxing, and a great way to spend a warm summer day! However, you will not want to venture to the beach unprepared if you have little ones! A simple family outing can become a big ordeal if you forget to pack a few important essentials for your adventure.
Temperatures are rising across the country, and kids are anxious to spend time outdoors again. As we approach the warm summer months, there truly is no better way to cool off than with water play.
For many moms, Mother’s Day is a nice holiday, but once the cards and gifts are exchanged, things quickly return to normal. If you really want to impress a mom, you’ve got to get a little creative!
As the weather warms up and the school year comes to a close over the next several months, it’s time for children to leave the screens behind and engage in some outdoor fun!

From Easter egg hunts, to visits to the Easter bunny, to big family dinners, it can be easy for your little ones to get overloaded with sugary treats - but there are plenty of other great ways to celebrate without candy! 

The celebration’s emphasis is placed on Christ's resurrection, which symbolizes rebirth or new life, so Easter is typically celebrated by Christians. However, the celebration is shrouded with pagan rituals that go back to our earliest recorded history.

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and there are plenty of fun ways to create beautiful art projects with your children.

Perseverance allows a child to work hard to reach a goal, this is an essential skill in childhood that will help kids have a successful time in their academic, social, and athletic pursuits. 

It’s finally February - the month of love! This is a great time to get your kids in the kitchen with you to create some adorable Valentine’s Day themed treats.
Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few weeks, and we know you’re probably planning what kinds of activities you’ll do with your little ones to celebrate! You can mail these cards to friends and family, or frame them as a holiday keepsake to display each year, and they’ll be sure to melt some hearts!

This is a great month to do some craft projects with your children! Check out this blog post for ideas for fun art projects for any age.

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